Returning to Her Master — BJ Wane

Thanks so much for having me today Jane. I’m excited to share a scene from my new release, Returning To Her Master! Picking up where Her Master At Last left off with Marc and Cassie’s story, I have added over 4,000 words to the original version of this story in Make Me Yours as well as made significant changes to the plot.
Publication Date: July 1, 2016
Publisher: Stormy Night Publicationsreturningtohermaster
Marc Taite is shocked when Cassie Edwards, the only girl he’s ever loved, suddenly shows up in the club room of his Colorado vacation lodge. Ever since she broke off their romance without explanation and refused to answer his calls, he has wondered what went wrong, and he hauls her upstairs, intending to spank her soundly and then get some answers. Their old passion instantly reignites, however, and instead of taking her over his knee he ends up taking her hard and fast.

The connection they once shared clearly still exists, but Marc has already lived through the pain of losing Cassie once, and he is determined not to let himself be hurt again. Desperate to prove that this time she is truly ready to belong to him, Cassie promises Marc her complete submission, and she soon finds herself on her knees with her bright red bare bottom on display as she begs him to claim her in any way he pleases.

Though he is reluctant to risk his heart again, when Marc discovers that a stalker has followed Cassie to Colorado his need to protect her quickly overcomes his hesitation and he takes it upon himself to keep her safe, even when that means punishing her sternly when she breaks the rules he makes to protect her. But when a misunderstanding sends her fleeing from him once again, will he lose her a second time?

Publisher’s Note: Returning to Her Master is a stand-alone sequel to Her Master at Last. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes including a threesome, anal play, exhibitionism, BDSM content, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. Also note that an earlier version of this book was previously released by another publisher under the title Make Me Yours.


And how about an excerpt?

Reining in his lust, he went to the closet and found a spreader bar, just what he needed. Showing it to her, he asked, “Do you know what this is?”
“Y…yes,” she stammered. “What are you going to do?”
“I’m going to see if a little pain stimulates you.” Kneeling, he attached the cuffs on the end of the bar to her ankles, leaving her legs spread eighteen inches apart. “Relax.” Smiling at her, he sat on the edge of the bed and drew her slowly over his lap, adjusting her so her head hung down with her ass propped up. “Comfortable?” he asked, running his hand over her rounded buttocks.
Peering up at him through the cascade of her hair, she sputtered, “No!”
Marc smacked her cheek, admonishing, “No, what?”
“No, Sir.”
“Let me see if I can take your mind off your uncomfortable position.” He smacked her again, a little harder, and then ran one finger down her slit, pleased with the dampness he encountered. “I think you rather like this position.” She cried out with the next two smacks, but another check of her pussy revealed her pleasure at the stimulating pain. Alternating between slapping her buttocks and fingering her warm, wet sheath, he brought her to a feverish pitch. Her cries were sounds of pain, but when she lifted her ass for each swat, she told him without words she wanted more of that pain, and the obvious pleasure it gave her.
Nothing turned Marc on more than the sight of a wriggling, red ass, and Cassie’s was no exception. Her buttocks warmed under his hand, a heat he found reciprocated in her pussy each time her warm, damp walls closed around his finger. When he felt the ripples of small contractions heralding her climax, he smacked her ass harder while rooting out her swollen, needy clit. She screamed as she came, her hips grinding against his thighs, her buttocks jiggling along with her spasming pussy.
He waited for her cries to turn to whimpers and her hips to settle then soothed her buttocks with alternating soft strokes and light, palming squeezes while continuing to stroke her pussy. She was so tight he had to work at getting two fingers inside her, which inflamed him more, made him want to get inside her faster.
Reaching down, he released the spreader bar and turned her over on his lap, cuddling her shaking body against him. Her tears of submission and the pleasure/pain she received from it endeared her to him in a way he hadn’t seen coming.
“Tell me, darlin’,” he insisted when she had calmed down from what he suspected was the best orgasm she’d ever had, “have you ever come like that before?”
Cassie turned her face into his shoulder, her body still shuddering with pleasure. “No, Sir. Never.”
“Good girl. For being so honest even though it embarrassed you, I’m going to reward you. Up on the bed now.”
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