A HOT #SatSpanks Throwback to My Dom!

b6c09-mydomHappy Saturday, friends! It’s Labor Day weekend here in the States, which makes it the unofficial end of summer, but Jane and I want to make sure that your weekend stays SIZZLING HOT, so we’re throwing back to the first book in our Boston Doms series, My Dom!

In this scene, Dom reminds Heidi of exactly what she agreed to when she agreed to be his submissive…

“But you misbehaved, Heidi,” he said severely…”You said you’d consent to punishment.  You agreed…”

“Yes,” she moaned. “Yes, I agreed.”

And she did. She wanted that punishment. She wanted his focus and his control and his need.

She wanted him.

a0cad-m2bis2bfor2bmisbehave The first slap of his hand on her bottom was a shock. The second seemed to light a fuse  connected directly to her clit. The third… the third had her pushing back against him, waiting for it eagerly. And then his hand was no longer spanking her, but rubbing her bottom with slow strokes that went lower and lower and built the fire into a conflagration…


If you want to know more about My Dom or read an extended excerpt, click here.  Ready to see what all the other hop participants have cooked up for you? Click here!

Have a wonderful, safe weekend, everyone!

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