WIP it up Wednesday –Boston Doms book 4

Hello readers! Halfway through the week, and now we get to peek into what everyone is doing these days. Love that!


Today, Maisy and I are sharing an excerpt from our upcoming release, His Baby Girl (working title) , book four in the bestselling Boston Doms series!


With our last book in the series,Β Her Protector,Β readers loved that Tony was the “reluctant Dom,” not what everyone would expect a Dom to be. It was sweet, and romantic, and hit all the right spots. One of our goals with this series is to bring to you very different couples, different D/s flavors, a unique experience with each read. To that end, book four is…shall we say, …a bit different?

Slay is off-the-charts dominant, a dyed-in-the-wool Daddy Dom and Alice is so up for the challenge of meeting his high demands. Their chemistry ignites. Can’t wait to bring this one to all of you! Here’s our inspiration for Aslaylexander Slater, also known as Slay, or…Daddy.πŸ˜‰




How about an excerpt?




Alice has broken a major rule and she’s in super hot water. But this is her first time over to Slay’s home, and she’s about to see that he’s pretty dedicated to their relationship…



β€œYou said we need to build trust, Alice. Didn’t you, baby?” he whispered in her ear.

She swallowed, her eyes closed tight. β€œI did. Yes, Daddy.”

β€œThere’s one thing you’re gonna learn, little girl,” he said, his fingers massaging the back of her neck. β€œI always mean what I say. And when my baby needs a spanking, I will always follow through.” He paused, taking in her hitched breath, the pad of his thumb tracing her neck, feeling her pulse beat beneath his fingers. β€œIt’s time for your spanking, Allie.” He pulled back from her and her eyes were half-lidded but guarded, her mouth slightly agape, taking in his massive form and the breadth of his wide lap. He chucked a finger under her chin. β€œYou ever been over a lap, little girl?” he asked softly.

She shook her head wordlessly and he pressed his lips together. She needed stern right now. She needed dependable. She needed her Daddy.

β€œYou’ll be bare for this.”

She began lifting the edge of her blouse, but his large fingers stopped her, palm down.

β€œNo.” His hands went to her waist and unfastened the clasp to her skirt. β€œWhen Daddy spanks you,” he said, his raspy voice deep and in control, β€œand Daddy thinks you need a bare-bottom spanking, Daddy is the one who bares you.”

She swallowed hard as her skirt hit the floor. He ran his hands over her bare hips, absolutely gorgeous, her pink mound shaved bare. Fucking hell she was gorgeous. But they had business to take care of. Lifting his hand he gave her ass one hard, sharp swat. β€œOver my lap.” She froze, her eyes wide, but she didn’t move. He frowned, but as he looked at her, he realized she was suddenly afraid. He asked her gently, β€œDo I need to bring you across my lap?”

She inhaled, seemingly unable to speak, and simply nodded her head. Very well. The point was that she take her punishment, and that he establish trust. If she needed a little help from her Daddy to get there, then he was happy to provide it.

β€œHere, baby,” he said, drawing her over to the side of his right knee, then gently pushing her torso over his lap. He was so tall and she so much smaller, her feet came straight off the floor, her blonde hair flying down to cover her face, her hands grasping his leg just above his boots, anchoring herself. Her bare ass over his lap was a sight he wanted to remember forever, the smooth silky satin of her naked skin before he painted it red with his handprint. While she’d been ogling his wares, he’d palmed two small implements. But those would wait. He planned on giving her a long, hard spanking she’d remember for a good, long time.

He ran his hand from the top of her thighs, over her backside, to her lower back. She squirmed on his lap.

β€œYou know why Daddy’s spanking you, young lady,” he said. β€œWe’ll start with the name calling. Do you think you spoke to your Daddy the right way?” She shook her head wordlessly. Lifting his hand, he brought it down with moderate force. The crack of his hand on her naked skin sounded loudly and she gasped. A bright pink handprint covered almost her entire bottom. Shit, that was hot. He administered another swat, then another. β€œYou’ll learn to speak respectfully, little girl.” Crack! β€œI will always treat you with respect. And my baby girl will treat her Daddy with the same respect.” Crack! Crack! She let out a cry as he built intensity. He could feel the sting in his hand, and no doubt she felt it herself as he upped the swats from moderate force to a bit harder. Now that he’d reddened her whole bottom, she was good and warmed up, and could take more.

β€œIf we’re to build trust between us, we’ll do it by building respect,” he said, punctuating his words with sharp, stinging swats of his hand. He was a master at hand-spanking, his hand slightly curved, then flat, varying the feel of each hard spank, lifting slowly but descending rapidly. A hard swat landed at the crease of her thighs and ass and she jerked from the pain, but he did not stop. Swat after swat fell, her skin a bright pink now, as he deliberately delivered the spanking he knew she needed. Punishing. Intimate. Every stroke of his hand would drive home his point. After several dozen good spanks, his palm slowed, smoothing over her flaming hot skin.

β€œWill you be respectful, Alice?” he asked, his hand poised, ready to spank again.

β€œYes!” she gasped. β€œYes, Daddy. I will!”

β€œVery good,” he said. She relaxed.

β€œAre we done?” she whispered.

He chuckled. β€œOh, honey. I’m just getting started.”


Coming soon

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