Saturday spankings!

Hello, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Saturday spanking blog hop! We have lots of sizzling excerpts today for you! Links are at the bottom of this  post.

Saturday Spankings -- Maverick pulls out the big guns.

Today, I’m doing a throwback post, because all the books in my Bound to You trilogy are now only $2.99, or free for Kindle Unlimited! 


What are readers saying about Bound to You?

“Power, implicit trust, eroticism, and vulnerability, where will they lead? The plot kept me captivated.”

“This book has everything. Depth, passion, loss, desire and commitment…a contemporary, realistic red hot romance.”

“The dialog was open, honest, raw and emotional.”

“The most honest depiction of a D/s relationship I’ve ever read.”

“Sensual, sexy, fulfilling read.”

“One hot read from start to finish!”

“The chemistry between the characters is off the charts–no shortage of passion here, folks! Go one-click this now!”



Well, I wonder what’s gonna happen next?

Begin Again, Come Back to Me, and Complete Me, now available for $2.99 or free for Kindle Unlimited!

One couple’s journey into the erotic world of dominance and submission.

In today’s excerpt, Paolo thinks it’s time Meredith is reminded of her place.

What happens if you disobey me?”

You punish me,” she said.

How?” he hissed in a heated whisper.

Her breath hitched. “You spank me, sir,” she said.

He nodded, releasing her hair. “Yes,” he said, almost as if to himself. “I like this. We do need to connect like this. I need to remind you who’s in charge. And I like knowing that you’re reminded of your place.” He patted his lap. “Over my lap now,” he ordered.

She obeyed, knowing he was going to give her what she needed, eager to feel centered and at peace, as the residual stresses of the day melted away. He wasted no time. The minute her belly hit his knee, he brought his hand down with a resounding swat.


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