Naughty, naughty excerpt from the Warrior King

I’ve been working on a dystopian sci-fi and having a blast writing this. I’m nearing the end of the draft, and this King — lemme tell you, this guy is scary-alpha. This book is definitely closer on the master/slave spectrum of things than anything I’ve written, though he does have a soft side.

Khal Drogo is the inspiration for Vladimir, the Warrior King of Alvedere.


See? Scary-alpha.


Today I’m sharing an excerpt, and I’m going to warn you up front, this is very sexy, super dirty, and almost certainly not suitable for work so please beware. In this excerpt, Carina is learning that her master has, shall we say, a variety of uses for her hairbrush.


“My lord,” she pants. I pause, the brush frozen half-way in but no longer moving. She moans, in agony, and I feel my hardened cock jerk underneath the warmth of her belly.
“Yes, my love?”
She doesn’t speak for a minute, frozen in place. “Please, my lord,” her plea a mere whisper now.
I insert the handle so slowly as I speak to her. “Please what, my little one?”
“Pleeeease,” she moans, louder now, as I move the handle within her. “Oh, please.”
I freeze, my voice hardening. “Please what?”
She squirms. “Let me have my release!” she moans. “This is torture! I can’t bear this another minute! I’ll die if you don’t allow me release!”
I leave the tip of the handle on the damp edge of her folds. “Release, Carina? You wish me to pleasure you? A naughty, defiant girl like you?”
She moans. “I won’t be naughty,” she whispers. “I will obey you, just please allow me release. I can’t bear this!”
I remove the handle and turn the brush around so that the flat is against her skin again. My voice is harsh and corrective as I lift the brush again. “Pleasure, little one, is for good girls who know how to behave themselves.” I crack the flat of the brush on her backside. She jerks from the pain of it, and I pause as I allow my words to sink in. “Obedience is rewarded,” I say, with another slap of the brush on her cheeks. “Defiance, however, will be met with consequences.” I puncture my words with another solid smack of the brush. “What is it you prefer, little one?” I ask, the brush poised, as I demonstrate her options. “Punishment,” a sharp crack landing on the tender place where her thighs and bottom meet, “Or pleasure?” I take the handle of the brush and insert it, pumping hard and fast as she gasps and writhes.
“Pleasure! Oh for the love of all things good, pleasure, my lord!” she screams, her back arching as she reaches closer and closer to orgasm.
I still. “Then what is it you need to do?” I scold.
She is panting now, her voice thick with arousal and need, “Obey you. Obey you, my lord! I am sorry for defying you. I will not defy you! I will obey you,” her words tumble out, pleading for mercy, begging for release. I smile slowly, the warmth of her obedience to me spreading across my chest as my hardened cock presses into her soft, sweet belly.
“You will obey me, Carina?” I whisper, releasing her waist and grasping a fistful of her hair, lifting her head back as I bend my head down. “Will you do as I say?” She squirms on my lap, her eyes shut tight, her lip caught between her teeth, completely at my mercy. “Or shall I whip you harder? Is that what you need from me? A whipping” She attempts to shake her head but it is difficult with the firm grasp I have her in. “Or will you obey me so that I may pleasure you?”
“P-pleasure,” she stutters. “Please!”
I release her hair and push her so that she is on her knees in front of me. Her eyes widen as she takes me in. Her hair is wild about her face, her blue eyes gleaming with passion and desire. I smile at her. She is exactly where I want her, ready to do my will, begging to please me. I take the brush and slowly run it through the hair that frames her face. Her eyes widen as I draw it through the midnight tresses slowly.
“Perhaps it shall be as it is at mealtimes,” I murmur, watching her heated eyes widen as I stroke her hair with the brush. “Perhaps I shall require my appetite be sated before yours. If I were to ask you to take me in your mouth, would you?”
She nods, her voice husky as she replies. “Anything you wish, my lord,” she says.
“Even if I have you suck me until I spill in your mouth?” I tease, narrowing my eyes on her.
She licks her lips. My cock twitches in response. Her eyes lower. “It would be my pleasure,” she hisses.



(See? Dirty! lol Eager to bring this book to readers early next year!)



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