Saturday Spankings — someone’s in a heap of trouble.

It’s Saturday, and that always means it’s time for a spanking ’round these parts! 😉 Today, I’m sharing an excerpt from Her Outlaw Daddy, now available on audio with whispersync options! That means that if you already own the Kindle version, for a small fee you can add narration so that you can pick the book up wherever you are (I love that option!). Curious about the audio version? Check out the ENTIRE FIRST CHAPTER HERE.

Cole and Aida are a fiery couple — Cole is the strong, bossy, take-charge kinda man Aida is reluctantly drawn to, and Aida is the spoiled but innocent young woman Cole is privileged to tame. In today’s excerpt, Aida is in a heap of trouble…


“You’re hurting my hand,” she protested, trying again to pull away.

“Darlin’, I’m gonna hurt more than your hand.”

“You brute!” she said in a furious whisper.

“At your service,” he replied with a dark chuckle. “And you’re a brat, so don’t we make a pair.”

“Let go!” she said, trying again to pull away, and she even kicked her foot at him. They were now a good enough distance away from the rest of the crew, so he no longer had to endure her childish fits in silence. He spun her around and gave her two rapid swats over her clothed bottom, which made her stomp the ground, but he held fast. Dragging her to a tall white birch tree, he pushed her so that her back was up against it. Her eyes flashed at him, splotches of angry red on her cheeks as she glared.

His own anger rose as he narrowed his eyes at her. “Young lady, you’ve earned yourself a good lickin’. You’ll stand here until I call you to me, and if you move, I’ll finish our little talk tonight with a good round with my strap.” He paused and dropped his voice. “If you think I’m lyin’, darlin’, try me.”


Now available in both e-book and audio.

Her Outlaw Daddy

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