#SatSpanks and a NEW RELEASE – Boston Doms Book 3: Her Protector

HerProtector coverTime for another round of #SatSpanks, and this one is exciting because the third book in the Boston Doms series, Her Protector, is now available on Amazon! And it’s on sale for $2.99 through Sunday!

Last week
on the hop, we showed you how Tony could be gentle with his girl. Wednesday, we showed you how fun and lighthearted he can be. But let there be no doubt, when the situation calls for it, he will do whatever is necessary to protect Tess, even from herself!


His eyes met hers and his voice was as serious as she’d ever heard when he spoke.

“You will never do that again.”

She couldn’t trust herself to speak, merely nodded. He released her and stood.

“Stand, please,” he said. She obeyed.

“Place your hands behind your head.” She obeyed. He sat on the bed, his hands on her hips as he spun her around to face him. Swiftly, he pulled down her shorts, leaving her bare, shaking, standing before him.

“Step out of them.” She did what he asked. His hands grasped her waist and he tugged her over his lap. Her belly hit his hard thighs so that she was angled, her face on the bed and her bottom perched precariously over his knee. He reached for her hand and pinned it to her lower back, as his fingers
entwined with hers. The gesture was soothing, though the loss of control made her heart stutter.

Love that protective, dominant man!

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#WIPitUpWednesday – Telling Fibs

Time for the #WIPitUp Wednesday blog, and I can’t wait to see what everyone’s been working on!

Today Jane and I are sharing a fun scene from our upcoming release, Her Protector, the third book in the Boston Doms series. If you were waiting to hear Tony and Tessa’s story, get ready! Just 3 more days!!

In this scene, Tony and Tess ordered pizza and settled in to watch a zombie movie. But when Tess fakes Tony out so that she can pay the delivery guy, she’s not quite prepared to deal with the fallout! (This scene makes me giggle every time!)

HerProtector coverStill facing the door, she held the box in her hand, not quite ready to face Tony. She’d planned the whole thing before the food got there. What she hadn’t planned was how to deal with him after she’d fooled him. Slowly, she turned around, and she knew the look on her face was sheepish.

“So, you say this is the best pizza in Boston, huh?” she said quickly. “Why don’t you get us some plates, and I’ll get us some drinks. Phew, am I hungry. So famished, I actually feel a little faint! Can you…”

Her voice trailed off as her fast-talking move wasn’t doing a damn thing. Tony was standing in front of her, and was it her imagination or did she shrink or something? She didn’t remember him being this much taller than she was. Damn it, wearing heels to work had decided advantages. Those eyes! Oh, God, his eyes were narrowed on her in a teasing, but still sexy-stern way that made her heart flutter in her chest.

“Hungry,” she stuttered helplessly. “Faint… with hunger.”

He stalked closer to her, and the only thing between him and her was a flimsy cardboard box, which he removed with one firm pull. She squealed.

He placed the box on the dining room table, then continued to prowl closer to her. She backpedaled until he had her pinned against the door, and her hands went flat out behind her, splayed on the cool frame of the door.

“Are you really faint with hunger? Or is that another one of your fibs, Miss Damon?”

Oh, she was definitely faint, but she was sure it wasn’t from hunger. Her knees trembled and she was so turned on, it was mortifying. She swallowed, an impossible giggle bubbling up.

“Fib? Who says fib?” she snorted. Gosh, his word choices were so adorable sometimes.

He raised his eyebrows incredulously. “First, you fake me out so you can have your way even though I insisted I was paying, you told a fib, and now you’ll insult me?”

He was so close she could see the flecks in the depths of his hazel eyes.

“It’s just cute,” she said helplessly, immediately wishing she could take it back. His eyes softened a little.

“I’ll modify my earlier statement,” he said, and he was so close, with his arms crossed on his chest, she could feel his heat, smell the faint sporty smell of the body wash he had in the shower that she surreptitiously lifted the lid on and sniffed every time she took a shower herself. “People who let second-graders watch zombie movies. Women who go to dark alleys alone in the middle of the night. And people who tell fibs to fake someone out so the guy can’t pay for the food he’s gonna eat most of anyway. Those are the people who need be spanked.”

I’d say that’s not an exhaustive list of spank-worthy crimes, Tony, but it’s a good start! LOL. Click here to see what the other WIPpers have been working on, and I hope the rest of your week flies by!

Indebted Heart – A guest visit with Measha Stone!

Today, we’re welcoming the fabulous Measha Stone to the blog to tell us all about Indebted Heart, the third book in her Windy City series!

Here’s the blurb!
Indebted Heart coverAlyssa Sanders has taken care of herself since she was too young to do so. But she’s all grown up and ready to get her life on the right track.  She heads to Chicago with her life savings and a few prospects. She expects to get a job, find an apartment and get on her way of settling down. What she doesn’t expect is to find her new boss not only severely attractive and Dominant, but the son of an old friend.

Alex Trebelli would do anything for his father, so when he’s asked to escort an old friend’s daughter to dinner he doesn’t hesitate to agree. Except the daughter isn’t the small town young woman his father described. She’s all grown up, full of beauty and curves, and a submissive nature that draws out his dominant side.

When Alex explains he won’t be her friend, he can’t just be her friend, he wants more, he wants to be her dominant, her boyfriend, she has to decide if she’s going to take the leap. She’s never been good at a full time D/s relationship, but Alex makes her feel safe and secure. She finds him easy to be with, even when he’s being overprotective and bossy.

Can she manage to put aside her fears of failure, and self-doubt and give them a real chance, or will she chose the safer route and keep clear of his sexy smile, and dominant ways?

I’m intrigued already!! And here’s a sweet and sexy excerpt!

“For two weeks you’ve toyed with me.” He rested his hands on his belt buckle, the movement not lost on her. “You’ve stared at me, you’ve winked at me, you’ve smiled at me, you’ve been a complete brat with me.” He stared at her; she didn’t move.

“Are you a brat usually?” he asked as an afterthought. He knew a few doms that liked their subs to be bratty, to give a reason to spank them for fun. Alex was not one of them. He’d rather have a straight on conversation. If his partner wanted a spanking, she needed only to ask, he was always happy to oblige.

“No.” She shook her head and averted her eyes. “But, it was fun to tease you.” She looked up at him then. “I knew you couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything about it. It was weird. The more I teased you and the more you did nothing, the more I wanted to tease you, to push you.” She took a deep breath. “I’ve never done that before with a guy.”

“What about Thomas?” He asked in a low voice. He hadn’t meant to bring him up, but before his brain could catch up to the conversation it was out.

Her eyes narrowed as she answered. “Bradley really has a big mouth.”

“That he does.” Alex agreed. “Now about Thomas.”

“Thomas is an ex. I’m sure you have quite a few of them.” She stepped around him and plopped down on the couch.

“Yes, but he’s not just an ex, is he?”

“Alex, he was my first dominant. He was the guy that showed me what being submissive means. He helped me figure out what I needed and wanted.” Alyssa looked up at him as she spoke. “And what is that? Because I’m going to be honest, Alyssa. I can’t get you out of my head. I won’t do the friend thing with you. I just won’t.” He shook his head. “And I won’t do the vanilla thing either. I tried that once, had a serious relationship and it all went to hell. I hated it, she hated it, and I won’t try it again.” He crouched onto his haunches in front of her. “I see you at the club, and I want to devour you. The friend thing won’t work.”

Her eyes swept over his face several times, and she exhaled loudly. “I want you,” she finally said and he began to breathe again. “I’ve hated the past few weeks, seeing you and not being able to talk to you the way I wanted to talk to you. As soon as I walked into a room, I’d find you instinctively. It was really starting to piss me off.” She grinned. “I don’t do vanilla well either. I end up being a bitch to see how far I can push the guy until he pushes back.” “Like you’ve been doing with me.” He nodded.

“Yeah.” She closed her eyes for a moment, and when she opened them they were filled with tears. “I’m really bad at asking for what I need,” she whispered. “You were just so, so, there.” She wiped her eye with the inside of her palm before the tear could fall. “I think it just frightened me. I mean I didn’t expect to meet anyone especially not anyone within the first day of being in the city. Your dad never told me how freaking hot you are.” She laughed, the sound made him grin up at her.

“I’m not your boss at work. Kerri is and Bradley is. I’m the finance and marketing guy.” He rested his hands on her knees, her skin felt warm beneath his hands. Soft. “But here, outside of the job, I’m all boss.” He winked and grinned up at her.

Ready to one-click the heck out of this?  Indebted Heart is available from Amazon and Blushing Books!

And if you’re like me, and you want to go back and read books 1 and 2 first, here is all the info!


A woman given up on love, second guesses her solitary life when meeting a man who won’t take no for an answer and opens her eyes to an entire world of pleasure she didn’t know existed before him.

Amazon | Blushing Books


A headstrong, fiery woman seeks to fulfill her fantasies in all the wrong places, and it’s up to the security expert to tame her, and keep her safe.

Amazon | Blushing Books


Want to know more about Measha?
Measha Stone lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband and their children. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. Her vanilla writing has been published in the online magazine efiction and the DuPage Writers Group annual journal Possibilities. When she’s not writing, she’s reading and spending time with her kids- who are just as creative and crazy as her.

Social Media
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/measha.stone.5
Twitter:  @measha_stone
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meashastone/
Blog:  https://www.meashawrites.com/blog

Boston Doms Book 3: Her Protector! Cover Reveal and #SatSpanks!

It’s the WEEKEND at last!!  We are SO READY to kick back with the #SatSpanks blog hop and get our weekly dose of spanky goodness!

But first, we get to unveil the beautiful cover to our upcoming new book, Her Protector, the third book in the Boston Doms series. Tony and Tess’s story will be available this time next week!!

HerProtector cover
Isn’t it pretty? Lawson’s done it again!

Jane and I love this series for so many reasons, but one of them is definitely the way that each couple finds the brand of D/s that works for them in their unique relationship, and that’s particularly true for Tony and Tessa. Tony wants to give Tess exactly what she needs, while being sensitive to the scars from her past. (We’re writing super-sexy Book 4 right now, about the tattooed Daddy-dom Slay and his take-no-prisoners babygirl Alice, and to say that Slay approaches their relationship a bit differently would be an understatement!!)

In this scene, Tess gets her first spanking from Tony, and he starts out gentle… before things heat up:

“Tell me what you need,” he said, his voice so gentle, it seemed almost ironic he was talking about spanking her. His gentleness made the tears threaten to fall again, her throat clogged with them. She’d been bossed around and tied up, ordered into submission and whipped, but never had any of the men she was with asked her not only what she wanted, but what she needed.

“A real spanking,” she whispered. “One that hurts. I want to feel your strength.”

One of his hands wrapped around her waist, and her hand instinctively flew back. He grasped it, holding her hand, a gesture that was at once intimate and assuring, pressing her hand, engulfed in his large one, into the small of her back as the first smack of his hand fell. Her panties were thin and his hand large; the sting from the single swat hurt more than she’d expected.

“Ow,” she said in a little voice.

“Too hard?” he asked, squeezing her hand in the small of her back.

“Noooo, no no no, please, Tony,” she said. “Not too hard. That’s perfect.”

Another sound smack jolted her, and now he was spanking her in earnest, his palm rising and descending, and the heat of each spank warmed her skin, beginning with a jolt of pain that quickly spread to warmth, and her clit zinged with each stroke…

There’s just something about having a strong man so focused on being gentle and meeting your needs, huh? (*shiver*)

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He knows how to motivate her, and it’s not with pushups! – Katherine Deane visits with Her Drill Sergeant Dom!

Katherine Deane is joining us today to talk about her amazing new book, Her Drill Sergeant Dom!

Basic training is a killer—in more ways than one!

USA Today bestselling author Katherine Deane brings you a romantic suspense that will leave you gasping.

Twenty-four year old journalist Smyth McCullen is following the trail of a killer, right onto Fort Hancock Army training center.  After two murders of young women just out of basic, both under the same drill sergeant, Smyth knows she must join the Army to unravel the truth.

Little does she know that Basic is dangerous in more ways than one. Protecting her battle buddy, working through sixteen hours of grueling training a day, and following a potential bad guy, is nothing compared to falling for a dominant, undercover  drill sergeant.

Hunter Jones is undercover, looking into the potential murders under Drill Sergeant Cage’s direction.  He’s been through many deployments, both public, and some not so public. He’s interrogated bad guys, fallen behind enemy lines, and is prepared in every way to act as a drill sergeant and save another potential victim. What he’s not prepared for is the sexy, young strawberry blonde who is definitely not eighteen.

As their attraction grows, they march one step closer to the end of the session, and imminent danger.  Can Smyth find the killer in time? Can Hunter protect the next target, especially if it’s Smyth?

Lovers of steamy romance, hot military heroes and plucky heroines will adore Katherine Deane’s hot new romantic suspense.

Her Drill Sergeant Dom is a fully written story with HEA and no cliffhangers.

Ready for a super-hot snippet?

“You should always lock your footlocker, McCullen. Now, should we continue talking about your delightfully kinky pleasure reading, or talk about the truth, and what I might have to do to get it out of you?” He was just standing there waiting for her to make up her mind, one leg lazily crossed against the other as he leaned against the wall, looking more like a bored drill sergeant rather than a practiced dom about to whip her ass. Heat built between her legs again.

Should she trust him with the truth? What if he was one of the bad guys, and was in league with Cage? How was she to know whom to trust?  She would just have to suck it up. A little spanking and some extra PT wasn’t going to kill her. Granted, she would die of humiliation if Rose or someone else walked in and saw her. But Hunter seemed to be taking extra care to keep this moment between them private. When had she started calling him Hunter instead of Drill Sergeant? Oh yeah, probably the moment he whispered in her ear about whipping her ass, turning her into a complete puddle of lustful mush. A soft groan escaped her lips as she pictured herself calling him Drill Sergeant while he spanked her over and over.

“Are you okay?” He startled her from her musing.

“Yes, Drill Sergeant.”

“So, what’s it going to be, little girl? Truth or punishment followed by truth—and more punishment afterwards, because I don’t like saying things twice.” His features were a mask of neutrality as if he could care less either way.

Her Drill Sergeant Dom is available for purchase on Amazon OR you can read it for free with Kindle Unlimited!

About Katherine Deane

USA Today bestselling author Katherine Deane is a multi-published, top 100 romantic and BDSM author and romantic at heart. While she enjoys her life as a stay at home mom, married to the man of her dreams, she also loves fantasizing. She reads and writes in many different genres, but her favorites are: erotic romance, paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction. She blogs about her life as an everyday woman (and closet Spanko), and about her career as a published author.

You can catch up with her at:





Or you can join her mailing list, and get notified whenever she has new releases, sales, or freebies. Don’t worry. She won’t share your email and promises not to spam you. Thanks!


Faith has already fallen, but how far is she willing to go? — Guest post with Louise Taylor!

Today, Maisy and I are happy to have Louise Taylor visiting us with her new release!



Never trust the wrong man, especially with your heart. But how does one know ahead of time he is the wrong man?

In the case of innocent vicar’s daughter Faith Halstead, governess to a middle class family with a marriageable son, one only finds out he is a cad after it is too late. Now she is alone in the world, a fallen woman, facing a bleak and uncertain future.

While leaving London in disgrace, a chance encounter on the train lands Faith in front of the darkly dominant Duke of Buckingham. He is in search of a woman to serve as his slave at an upcoming Ruttingdon Club house party, and the shy, modest young woman has unaccountably captured his attention.

Desperate for any excuse not to return home to her harshly judgmental father, Faith rashly promises to serve as the duke’s absolute slave for a week, alone with him at secluded Ruttingdon Hall.

Will his dark and brutal desires and the oftentimes sweet pain he inflicts upon her ripe body drive her away, or will the awakening desires in her heart seduce her into staying longer with him – perhaps forever?

Publisher’s Note – This book contains adult, consensual spanking and discipline, and graphic descriptions of sexual activity. If such material bothers or offends you, please do not read it.

Buy Links:

Amazon (US) | Amazon UK | Blushing Books | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks


Faith swallowed hard. “I may be a fallen woman, your grace,” she said quietly, “but I am not a woman who will suit your needs either.”

You don’t know what they are yet,” the duke pointed out. “And, may I say, that you are not exactly in a position to be choosy.”

Faith’s head snapped up and she glared at the duke.

He smiled at her. “There you are,” he said softly. “I wondered if there was a bit of spirit left in you.”

He pushed the piece of paper on the desk towards Faith.

There,” he said. “There is a document stating in plain terms what I would expect of my mistress, and what her remuneration would be.”

Faith did not look at the document.

Why are you offering me this?” she asked, confused. “You have a woman waiting for your carriage at the railway station. She is more worldly than I, and fully aware of what you need. I am not like her, your grace.”

Read the document,” the duke ordered.

Her hands shaking slightly, Faith picked up the sheet of paper and started to read. She felt her cheeks begin to flush again after the first few sentences, but a mixture of horror and fascination kept her reading the scandalous document.

It was a contract, of sorts, she realised, a little like the one that she had signed on becoming the governess to the Bateman children. It spelled out, in simple terms and plain language, what the mistress of the Duke of Buckingham would have to endure, and how she would be remunerated. Faith’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw the amount, neatly penned in at the bottom of the page.

Ten thousand pounds.

Ten thousand pounds!

It was an unbelievable amount of money, an absolute fortune, especially to a poorly paid governess such as Faith. She had thought that she was lucky to be paid twenty-five pounds a year by the Batemans; one month’s work for the Duke of Buckingham and she would earn what she never would earn working as a governess!

She took a deep breath. Now she understood why fallen women turned to sin. It seemed to pay a lot better than virtue did!


Author Biography:

I’m Louise Taylor, and I love reading and writing historical romance novels! I’ve now written seven full length erotic historical romances, and all my novels are published by the lovely people at Blushing Books.

All my books have elements of power exchange, spanking and BDSM but none of my heroines are weak-willed or easily dominated – they make their men work for their love!

I live on the beautiful Welsh coast, and I love walking the cliff tops and visiting some of our wonderful historical ruins. I get my best ideas when I’m in the great outdoors and you can usually find me chasing after the piece of paper I’ve just scribbled my notes on!

I live in a late Victorian house with wonderfully high ceilings and no central heating – thank goodness for my fabulous fireplace! I’m owned by Alfred The Great, an enormous tom cat with very decided ideas about who gets to sit on the right side of the sofa and how long I am allowed to stay in bed in the morning.

Visit my website here:


Join me on social media here:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/louisetaylorlove

Twitter – @LTaylorLove

Tumblr – louisetlove

Instagram – ltaylorlove

Interview with Louise Taylor, author of Having Faith

Can you tell my friends about your newest release?

Having Faith is the story of Faith Halstead, a governess who thought that she was set for a life of married bliss with the eldest son of her employer. She soon learns, however, that you have to be careful who you trust with your heart, and she finds herself thrown out of the house early one morning, in disgrace, with no references and no hope of a welcome back home with her judgmental father. A chance meeting on a train lands her in front of the in front of the darkly dominant Duke of Buckingham. He is in search of a woman to serve as his slave at an upcoming Ruttingdon Club house party, and the shy, modest young woman has unaccountably captured his attention. Desperate for any excuse not to return home Faith rashly promises to serve as the duke’s absolute slave for a week, alone with him at secluded Ruttingdon Hall. During the week both she and the duke are surprised by their reactions to her submission, but while the duke is desperate to keep Faith close to him for longer, she isn’t so sure she can cope with the demands of serving the duke.

No – the story continues in Volume Two, called Keeping Faith, on release September 3rd 2016! Once I got started on this story, it just wouldn’t stop!

You can get a sneaky preview of Keeping Faith at the end of this book – the first chapter will be included, so no horrible cliffhangers! I wouldn’t do that to you, readers. That’s just mean!

How did you come up with your title?

This book had a completely different title in the planning stages, but as the first two books in the series, The Incorrigible Annabelle Spencer and Annabelle’s Awakening, had the name of the heroine in the title, I knew I should probably follow the convention with third book. Faith was a popular name in the 1800s, and as she is the daughter of a clergyman I thought it was appropriate. Having Faith deals with Faith and the duke brokering their agreement, Keeping Faith is all about how they negotiate their relationship in the aftermath of the scandalous Ruttingdon Club house party hosted by the duke. There’s also a little punning going on, which is one of my favourite things!

What are you working on right now?

Book four of the Ruttingdon series! It follows one of the members of the Ruttingdon Club introduced in Keeping Faith, Dr Henry Sutherland. I don’t want to say too much as I’m still coming to grips with the story, but let’s just say that he runs up against an unusual patient who brings out his dominant side in way he’s never experienced before! The treatment he prescribes for her is very much in the spirit of the Ruttingdon Club…

What’s the hardest thing about writing your books?

Other than finding time to actually write them? Probably keeping track of my characters, actually. If I’m not careful I find them changing hair colour, eye colour, even their name as the book is being written! I think that comes from the fact that I really only have time to sit down and write on the weekends, so sometimes I forget what colour their eyes are or if they’ve already taken off their jacket in a scene, for example. Little things, but as I reader I find mistakes like that dreadfully distracting. For Having Faith and Keeping Faith I had to construct a timeline marking off their days together so I didn’t do something stupid like accidentally skip over a day. I constructed the timeline after I was editing the book and found out that I had done something stupid and accidentally skipped over a day. That taught me a valuable lesson! Always plan properly!

Do you have any advice for other writers?

I’ve only been a published writer for almost a year, so I feel a little silly acting as if I know anything important about writing. What I will say is that you can only call yourself a writer if you actually sit down and write something. It doesn’t matter if you don’t do very much, or you think it isn’t any good – small amounts add up, and you will undoubtedly go back and change most of what you write anyway! If you don’t carve out some time and put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, then you’ll never get it done. That’s a lesson I’ve had to learn. I may not be able to produce more than one or two books a year because of the demands of my day job, but it’s vital that I schedule time to write into my week.

How long would you stay at the BDSM resort of your dreams? Restraint — new from Tabitha Black!

Tabitha Black has a new release, and it’s on sale this weekend only, for $2.99! (regular price of $4.99 after August 14th). Oooh, just look at that cover!




His Empire, Book one

by: Tabitha Black

 I’m going to bring you to extremes of both pleasure and pain… I’m going to make you cry, make you scream, make you beg, I’m gonna play your body like it’s my own personal instrument, and I’m going to show you that even your orgasms belong to me from now on.

Sales Blurb:
Love. Lust. Limits.
Sir Simeon Harvey has realized his lifelong ambition: to build a BDSM resort on a private island off the Australian coast.
At last Nox Oasis, with its grand apartments, exclusive membership, and very own kinky theme park, is opening its doors to guests for the first time.
George and Faye have been especially invited by Sir Simeon himself to celebrate the official opening. Having lost the spark in their marriage, they hope to rediscover their one time passion. What they don’t expect is for Simeon to make them an offer they can’t refuse.
Hazel Jenkins can’t believe her luck when she lands the plum job as head receptionist for the Oasis. While she has no experience in the BDSM realm herself, she’s fascinated by the whole idea.
Her initiation into Sir Simeon’s world is as shocking as it is arousing, and when she meets his godson, Dain Wilcott, the handsome American Dom, she knows just whom she wants to explore her kinky side with.
The question is, does he feel the same way about her?
Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual and BDSM-related themes, including MFM ménage, and mild breath play. If such material is likely to offend you, please do not purchase.



“Fuck, this is a hot sight,” George breathed. “I’m already so hard it hurts, and I haven’t even started spanking her yet.”
Simeon chuckled knowingly. “That was the intention. Imagine you’re a Top currently without a partner, and you’re in the mood to deliver a nice—or nasty—little spanking… you can come in here and indulge yourself on a naked, perfectly presented backside, no strings attached, anonymity guaranteed.”
Faye suddenly found breathing impossible. Even with the knowledge that it was her husband on the other side of that curtain; the man who had spanked her so often and in such a variety of ways that she’d lost count, she was apprehensive. She couldn’t imagine how much worse it would be if those behind the curtain were nameless, faceless people intent on one thing; using any implement they chose on her defenceless, exposed bottom.
“And how do you feel right now, little one?” Simeon bent down, his hand settling warmly on the back of her neck.
“Terrified,” she admitted.

Buy here!


Author Bio:
USA Today bestselling author Tabitha Black has been writing erotic spanking fiction for over a decade, mostly in the ageplay and historical genres. More recently, she’s discovered the joys of writing more contemporary, edgier books with a greater emphasis on BDSM – one of which, Sharing Silver, has been nominated for a Golden Flogger award and won the Spanking Romance Reviews award for best ménage 2015.
Having lived in four countries on three different continents, and been an active participant in her local kinky communities, she likes to “write to discover what she knows”. Her own personal kinks include anything and everything to do with spanking, fireplay, edge play, scarification, age-play, and too many more to count. Some girls like wood, some adore leather, but Tabitha is partial to big, shiny, ornate knives… nothing else makes her quite as weak at the knees.
She lives in Europe with her Daddy/Sir, and a lilac cat who likes to sneeze in her face. She has a weakness for great cappuccino; strong, dominant, kind but brutally sadistic men (and counts herself amazingly lucky to have found one in real life); brilliant books, and tattoos.
Tabitha loves getting mail, so if you want to drop her a line, please do so at tabitha_black@hotmail.com. You can also check out her blog here, follow her on Twitter @BlushingTabitha, Instagram, or join her Facebook page. Thank you for reading!

“Not the cat… but the pussy.” – #SatSpanks and a New Release!

thepiratescaptive_fullHappy Saturday!

Today is the going to be the best day ever, peeps. Not only is my new book, The Pirate’s Captive, released, but it’s my 40th birthday TODAY! Adulthood, here I come! (Well… Maybe.)

And what better way to celebrate than with a dose of #SatSpanks? Today I’m sharing one of my favorite scenes from the new book, in which our heroine, Evelyn, gets spanked… with a “pussy.”



“Today, you won’t get my hand. You’ll get the rope.”

I gasped and nearly straightened before I remembered his command. “Not… not the cat!” I pleaded, my eyes on the desk. I’d seen the cat o’nine tails with its knotted ropes bring more than one hardened sailor to his knees.

“Not the cat,” he said, as though he didn’t know whether to be amused or insulted. He rubbed something along my bottom, back and forth. “But the pussy.”

I inhaled sharply.

The “pussy” or the “boy’s cat” was a name for the implement used to punish the younger sailors, those Porteous’s age, who couldn’t handle the lash of the cat o’nine tails. It was generally an end of stout rope that had been dipped in tar to make it hard and inflexible. Not cruel, but capable of packing a mighty wallop.

And yet the way he rubbed it against me made me arch my back and push my bottom against it.

With his free hand, he pulled my shift up, trailing his fingers over my hip to trap the fabric between my body and the desk, exposing me to his gaze…

“Today you’ll count your lashes for me, just like any good sailor would.”

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#WIP it up Wednesday – The Knave makes a point

pirate sea promo picHappy Wednesday! Time for the WIP it up blog hop. What’s everyone been working on this week? I’ve been getting ready to turn 40 AND to release my latest book, a pirate historical tentatively titled The Knave, both of which are happening at the end of this week!

Here’s a fun snippet where The Knave, also known as Marcus, reminds disobedient Evelyn what will happen if she doesn’t mind him…

“You’re to stay in the cabin while I’m gone.”

I fought the urge to roll my eyes. “Yes, Marcus. You already said that and I agreed.”

“You’ll pardon me if your track record for obedience over the past week suggests I need to clarify this point,” he said dryly. “If a freak storm blows in, and you feel the need to check the rigging, you will nevertheless stay here.”

I opened my mouth, and then shut it. “Fine,” I said grudgingly.

Knave inspiration!
Knave inspiration and shameless hot-guy promotion!

He nodded in approval. “And if Porteous shouts that there is a flying dragon on the main deck, you will stay away from the window and stay here.”

I folded my arms over my chest. How ridiculous.

“If King George himself should appear in the harbor and demand that you surrender yourself for the good of your country, you’ll inform him that your primary allegiance lies elsewhere and you will make your curtsy, and you will… stay here.”

I fought the urge to laugh.

“And if,” he began, but I interrupted him.

“Yes, yes! If Gabriel blows his trumpet and announces the judgment day is upon us, I’ll send my regrets and say I’m otherwise engaged and I will stay here. I understand, Marcus,” I told him.

His voice dropped low. “Do I need to clarify what will happen if you’re not here when I get back?”

He tapped his sword belt against his booted calf in a pointed way and I squirmed. “No,” I whispered…

I seriously love this pirate, you guys.

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And I’ve got to add, Jane released Complete Me last week, and it’s absolutely excellent! If you’ve been waiting until the series was finished to get to know Meredith and Paolo, now is your chance! It’s emotional, thought-provoking, and really frickin’ hot!

Hope the rest of your week sails smoothly by!

Prelude to a Saturday Spanking — Complete Me

Good morning! It’s Saturday, and time for a Saturday spanking.😉

Today, I’m sharing with you an excerpt from my latest release Complete Me, the last and final installment in the Bound to You trilogy. This book can be read as a standalone, or as part of the entire series.

In this excerpt, Meredith has gotten herself into big trouble, and Paolo is making her squirm…


Excerpt from Complete Me:

Finger still under her chin, he nodded… No trace of a smile on his face, nothing but stern and steady. He dipped his head and raised his eyebrows. “What happens when you put yourself in danger?”

She swallowed, her stomach clenching. “You punish me.”

He nodded. “How will I punish you for this?”

Why did he have to ask her that? He knew how he would punish her!

You spank me, sir,” she said, and even now, when she knew she was about to be punished, when she knew it wouldn’t be pleasant and she’d be reduced to tears, she felt a glimmer of arousal at having to say it all out loud.

He released her chin and ran his hand down her naked back and to her bottom, sending a shiver down her spine. Without warning, he raised his palm and swat! He spanked her, hard. She barely stifled a yelp as she jumped.

Over my lap.”

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