Saturday Spankings — The Marshmallow Pelting Incident

This is from my new release coming out on Tuesday. In this excerpt, Meredith is remembering back when she and her husband Paolo were newlyweds. She found a novel way of getting his attention, and he, in turn, found a way to get hers…


That got his attention alright, and when his head snapped up, she lobbed another marshmallow at him. This time, it hit its mark….“You really don’t want to keep doing that,” he said.

“Oh yeah?” She said, chin lifted high, as she snagged another marshmallow and pelted it at him. Bonk. She grabbed a fistful and whirled them at him, marshmallows bouncing over the stairs and floor, as he continued to come closer and finally, when he came close enough to grab her, she tossed the whole bag at his head.

Whack! He shook his head, and picked her up, his strong hands easily mastering her as he flipped her over his lap. “I told you not to do that,” he said…


Begin Again due out this week!

22 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings — The Marshmallow Pelting Incident

  1. Yeah, I mean he knew she was only playing so seems to me his retaliation would be in kind, even though she went against his order to stop. Some guys don't have a sense of humor. Then again, who knows what happened next. Sometimes the six to eight sentence rule simply isn't fair.


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