“Go fetch it for me, baby.” — Saturday Spankings


 I’m excited to announce that Come Back to Me, the sequel to my debut novel Begin Again, is coming out next month. 

Paolo and Meredith have been reunited, and in the following excerpt, Paolo has picked out some toys. He’s surprised Meredith by putting them in her drawer in their bedroom and announced that it’s time for her to learn a few more tricks. She’s a bit shell shocked by what he has in mind.

He released her chin and chuckled a low, husky chuckle. “I’ve done my research,” he said. “…Unlike some other items out there, this is very easy to control but difficult to overdo.” He paused, his voice lowering. “Go fetch it for me, baby.”
Swallowing hard, she stood and went to her drawer, her hand trembling as she removed the black thing. “What’s it called?” she asked.
It’s a flogger.”
She spun around, wide-eyed. “A what?”she squeaked.
He chuckled again. “Flogger, baby. Now get your ass over here and hand it to me.” 
Come Back to Me will be available April 7th.

Hop on over for some sizzling excerpts!

12 thoughts on ““Go fetch it for me, baby.” — Saturday Spankings

  1. Ooh is she in for a fun afternoon… the flogger is one of my favourites 🙂 And it doesn't look like he's in a mean and nasty mood – so my bets are that this is going to be a whole lot of fun!! 🙂


  2. aaahhh!!!! You had to stop the snippet there?!?!!?!?
    I guess it's 8 lines only… very nice. 😀
    I like that he has a box of implements to help them “reconnect” lol.


  3. It's one of my favorites, too. And the one they have is, coincidentally, a lot like ours…the flogger side is tame, and the handle is built to act like a riding crop for a thuddier experience. Yum!


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