In Praise of Hand Spanking

So, I’m sort of into spanking. Ok, scratch that. I’m thoroughly addicted to spanking. I love to be spanked. I read spanking books and write spanking books and happily bare my ass to my husband with ridiculous frequency. He hauls me over his lap at least once a day, and I quite honestly do not tire of it. Ever.And because we usually need to be quiet and don’t always have the entire house to ourselves, I’m often spanked with a quiet implement.




Quiet implements are not really very fun. Have you ever heard of anyone waxing eloquent on the joys of a caning, or a switching? I suppose it’s possible, but even a diehard spanko like me doesn’t find them to be the best of the spanking options. Now, for a girl who likes and even needs to be spanked, the quieter things are certainly worthwhile. I would rather be spanked with a quiet implement than not spanked at all, so the quieter things stay.




A while ago my husband pulled out an implement and I sort of frowned and sighed and he said, “I know, baby. You like being spanked with my hand. And some day, when we have this whole house to ourselves, that’s all I’ll ever use.”

 I’m holding him to that.



What is it about a hand spanking? Ah. It’s intimate. Sointimate. There’s something about that skin-to-skin contact that is deeply, immensely satisfying. It leaves a sting and burn that literally no other implement leaves. As a diehard spanko married to a man who loves to spank, I’ve savored the feel of many different implements – the sting of a wooden paddle, the swish and thud of the quieter switchy things, the zing and sensual smack of leather…but there is literally nothing that feels like the hand.




I’ve heard many question a hand spanking, questioning whether it’s effective? Hell yeah, a hand spanking can hurt. There are certain techniques for delivering a hand spanking that are effective, and my husband knows all of them. I can’t really say I know what he does except that even a few swats with his hand can take my breath away. Hell, a hand spanking delivered hard enough can even welt. A few months ago, we saw something on Facebook and there was a woman with a perfect impression of a handprint on her ass. My man spent weeks perfecting his technique until he was able to deliver a good, hard smack that results in the perfect red handprint left on my ass. Heh heh. Lucky me.




He’s given me over-the-knee hand spankings that I’ve felt literally all day long, and some I’ve even still felt the next day. Hand spankings are not wimpy. They can be very, veryeffective (especially – gah! If delivered in the same spot repeatedly…).




You see, one of the things that draws me to spanking to begin with is the intimacy factor. It’s just the two of us, alone, and there’s vulnerability in placing myself over his knee. I’ve been laid over the bed and paddled, and stood against a wall and strapped, bent over the arm of a couch and spanked, or made to touch my toes and switched. And all of the above is satisfying in some way because, as I may have mentioned once or ten times, I’m a diehard spanko.




But nothing is like an over-the-knee hand spanking. When my belly touches his lap, I sigh. He bares me and I tremble. He often places his large, warm hand on my naked skin and talks to me before he spanks me. Depending on the nature of the spanking, what he says varies, but that intimate prelude to a spanking is utterly humbling, sexy, and moving. That first swat and my skin burns, the warmth spreads, and the feel reaches to my core. Every single time he’s done spanking me, no matter what he’s used, he ends with a thorough massage with his hand. It seals the session, and makes me feel loved and cared for, bringing home that intimacy as he murmurs things like, “That’s my good girl,” or, “I love you, baby.”




The other night we returned home from vacation and I craved stress relief. He was happy to oblige, and when the whole house was asleep but us, he had me lock our bedroom door and fetch the acrylic rod, his “go to” because it’s quiet, effective, and very easy to regulate. But he didn’t just use that. He alternated, several rounds with his hand until my skin was aflame, as I lay prostrate over his lap in bed, vulnerable, in desperate need of releasing my pent-up emotions and stress, and with his hand he laid me bare. I sniffled and wept and just let it all out. I was not sad, or sorry, but needed a good, cleansing cry, and the whole experience was beautifully cathartic. Centering. When he was done, he pulled me off his lap and held me, then tucked me in. I slept like a baby.




I like all manners and flavors of spankings, but in my humble opinion, simply nothing beats the classic.






12 thoughts on “In Praise of Hand Spanking

  1. I could not agree more…me over His lap…and even better if he is naked also…and His hand spanking, then rubbing…so intimate, so relaxing, so exciting…all at once….great post.
    hugs abby


  2. Its kind of an oxymoron but sometimes the hand can be the most brutal but also the most loving. I love, no matter where we are, looking at his hands. How the same hands can be so hard and unyielding and yet give such divine pleasure…anyway thats a long way to just say i agree 🙂


  3. I quite agree as well, just had a good classic otk with his hand the other day for veering off my diet track. And I agree with Lisa Lynn, it can be just as stingy as a paddle or for us, his belt or long thin wooden paint stirrer. But yes, its the most intimate and personal kind of spanking.


  4. Hi Jane, I love my husband's hand more than any other “implement” in his arsenal! We are lucky that our nest is empty for noise not to be a problem, your time will come. I am still shocked to realize that my boys are grown men. Their childhood flew!
    love Jan,xx


  5. I think because of the skin-to-skin contact, it's really easy for the spanker to know just how hard to strike — so, I totally agree. I think I feel most “properly spanked” with a thorough hand spanking. It can be the hardest to take but is also the most loving.

    And yes!! I love just staring at his hands when we are out and about. And his lap, too…


  6. Yes, it is by far my favorite! I do look forward to the day when we don't have to be all secretive and quiet, but I also am in no rush to have this house to ourselves. It already flies by far too quickly!


  7. Jane,
    How absolutely spot on. Hand spanking, for any, (well non retribution is best,) reason, is the best. For me, I agree that it is the intimacy of the hand to bottom touch.
    It is like the physical feel, the special sting, the love and connection I only feel with the hand.
    We have a “need to be quiet” issue as well but do have those lunch time breaks that get us through.
    Loved your post and your sentiments. I am feeling crummy today, maybe I will try to sneak one in with hubby and get a good nap out of it.
    Thanks again!


  8. Hi, Alyssa, I'm sorry for the delay in responding. Had issues getting back on my blog!

    Yes, that hand-to-bottom is really the best, for so many reasons!

    We are fortunate that our room is nearly soundproof, so once we shut and lock the door, we can't be overheard unless we're making a major ruckus. So I still get the hand from time to time. I did this weekend, and I loved it.

    I'm sorry you're feeling badly. I hope you feel better, and that you got what you needed this weekend!


  9. Hi Jane, I agree a hand spanking is the best. I also enjoy my mans belt but his hand is way more intimate. Then to finish off with a lovely massage, better than taking sleeping pills. Always have the best sleep afterwards.
    Hugs Lindy


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