Saturday Spankings blog hop — Special delivery 

 Hello, and thanks for stopping by this Saturday’s edition of Saturday Spankings blog hop! Today, I’m sharing with you an excerpt from my novella, A Thousand Yesses, which you can still get for free! Click the picture to get your copy! 

“A Thousand Yesses” is a fun, humorous, sexy read, about friends Maverick, Celia, and Rodney, who concoct an idea to begin a “How to Dom” business. Will Celia find her Dom?
In this excerpt, Maverick and Celia are about to discuss their next business plan but before they do, she pushes his buttons…

His phone rang.

Pizza Hut,” he muttered.

I’ll take one large dominant pizza, one half sweet, the other half stern, well done and delivered immediately. Hold the sauce. I have plenty.”

“”Like I take orders?”

She sighed. “Shame. What’s up? I’m sleepy, dude, so keep it quick.”

He frowned. If she were his, he’d so put an end to the way she talked to him. “Please,” “thank you,” “yes, sir,” and “no, sir,” would become part of her vocabulary or she would spend the rest of her life standing up…

Looking for a fun read? Snatch up this freebie while you can! 
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9 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings blog hop — Special delivery

  1. That made me laugh. Yeah, I can imagine no Dom would accept “I'm sleepy, dude, so make it quick.” But what I don't understand is she called him. She must have been returning his call. Anyway, I one-clicked. Great snippet.


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