Saturday Spankings and "Sunstrokes"

Hey, readers! It’s warming up around here, and for us that means…summer’s coming! What better way to spend a summer day by the pool, or beach, or on vacation…then with a sizzling summer read? 

A sizzling summer spanking good read? Time for a Saturday spanking snippet!

And better yet, what if the read is a really good deal? As in…free?
Maisy Archer and I have joined up with Amelia Smarts and Susannah Shannon to bring you a collection of stories perfect for a summer read, and free for the first week!

Four sparkling summer sizzlers. One red hot collection. 
 Today, we’re sharing an excerpt from Meredith and Paolo’s story, “Under the Boardwalk.” They are on their way to their vacation home, and Meredith has already earned herself a trip over Paolo’s knee, which he is in no mood to let her forget. 
“Oooh. Oh, Paolo. It’s just so lovely here. Look at the sun! And the palm trees! I love palm trees. Don’t you love palm trees?”
“I like palms, sure. Palm trees. Palm wine. My palm against your ass…”
Gawd. This was not working.
“You have a one-track mind,” she said, aware of the fact that an accusatory tone wasn’t really the smartest move, but really, did he have to?
“And you have a one-way ticket over my knee.”
She would have to try a different tactic.
“Palm wine is a thing?”
“Sure. So is spanking.”
 ~~~~~ will be available June 6th, and part of the Scandalous Summer reads on June 15th! Get ready to stuff your kindle! 

Interested in other excerpts from this collection? Susannah Shannon and Amelia Smarts are each sharing an excerpt, too! You can visit them by following the blog hop links below, and please be sure to visit our other Saturday Spanking bloggers as well!

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