#WIP it Up Wednesday – Sunstrokes and The Perfect Memory!

Happy Wednesday, everyone, and welcome to our fresh new blog! Ain’t she purty?! It’s time once again for WIP it Up Wednesday, where we get a brief peek into what everyone’s been working on, and I can’t wait to read everyone’s snippets!

Now, here in the Northeast, we had our first 90* day this weekend, and to my mind, that means that summer has officially been kicked off! And what better way to welcome summer than with an anthology of incredibly hot, FREE stories?? Jane and I have teamed up with Amelia Smarts and Susannah Shannon to create just such an anthology, Sunstrokes: Four Hot Tales of Punishment and Pleasure which will be available FREE from Blushing Books for a week starting June 6th! and then part of the Scandalous Summer Reads beginning June 15th!

Today, I’m excited to share an excerpt that follows the characters from My Dom, Heidi and Dom, as they go on a camping adventure… where Heidi is all-too-eager to take a vacation from her rules! Fortunately, Dom is there to make sure she stays firmly in check!

She shivered. “So should we, um…set up the tent?” she asked huskily. “Want me to cook our dinner?”

“No,” he said, running his mouth over the cord at the side of her neck and watching over her shoulder as her nipples beaded against the thin cotton of her t-shirt in response. “First thing we’re going to do is check out the picnic table.”

“The p-picnic table?” she asked. “But…”

“No,” he told her firmly, taking a step back from her and holding his hand out toward her. “No buts. Table. Now.”

Her eyes widened as he towed her to the table and spread out the bundle he’d grabbed from the backseat, which happened to be a thick plaid tablecloth…

He touched his mouth to hers and kissed her, letting his hand roam up to her neck, and then further, sifting his fingers into her long, brown hair. He pulled her more tightly against him and she let out a little moan as his hardness brushed her stomach.

“But, the tent…” she began desperately.

Vacation or not, he needed her to remember who was in charge. He reached around and gave her a single hard swat, and she quieted. He pushed her back so that her ass rested against the table. Understanding flashed across her face and she swallowed hard. “Oh.”

He felt his lips twitch. Then, as her arms wrapped around his neck and her eyelids grew heavier, he felt his cock twitch, as well. God, she turned him on. Always, in every way. Even when she pissed him off… heck, sometimes especially then, because bringing her to heel was the hottest thing ever.

“What about, um… privacy?” she asked in a helpless whisper as he kicked her feet apart with one of his own and planted himself between her legs.

Was it anxiety over the lack of privacy that roughened her voice? Or arousal? He’d bet on the latter.

“I’m not worried,” he told her honestly as his tongue stroked a slow path from her collarbone to her ear. For one thing, this campsite was isolated as hell and you could hear any car or hiker that came down the path. For another, the table was hidden from view by the car. And for a third… if he didn’t get inside her soon, he might explode…

Click here to check out all the other hop participants, and read on to learn more about Sunstrokes!


Four authors bring you four stories sure to light up your summer like fireworks on the 4th of July. Some are sweet, some are spicy, and all are a spanking good time.

When Dom and Heidi go camping, their D/s relationship is put to the test. How will their dynamic work while they’re on vacation? Meredith and Paolo heat up the pages in their summer romp in Florida, where sex and spankings are as plentiful as the sand under the boardwalk. Cass and Killian, the Alaskan couple who are always good for a laugh, agree to be filmed for Cass’s new show, but their relationship isn’t quite normal according to the average American viewer. Finally, newly married Anna and Carter simmer in silent misunderstanding until sparks fly, giving one of them a warmed bottom and both a renewed love for each other.

The Perfect Memory by Maisy Archer

Just months after falling for the sexy dominant next door, Heidi has learned that submission is about more than just spanking and hot sex. While she loves Dominic and the relationship they are building, she sometimes chafes under his authority. So when Dom surprises her with a weekend camping trip, it becomes more than just an opportunity to get out of town – for Heidi, it’s also a vacation from the rules and a chance to recreate her happy childhood memories. But when everything that can go wrong does, and emotions run high, will Dom be able to step up and get things back under control? Or will memories be all they have left?

Under the Boardwalk by Jane Henry

For the first time in years, Meredith and Paolo are going on vacation to sunny Orlando. With no work or commitments to keep them apart from one another, Paolo is bound and determined to keep Meredith on her toes, when she’s not over his lap. He will have his way whenever he wants, and she’s more than happy to oblige. As Paolo embarks on a secret mission to find the perfect souvenir, Meredith is curious. What is the perfect souvenir? Paolo is easily able to stay her curiosity with his wicked ways, distracting her with sexy sessions over his lap, and his insistent demands. Yet when unfortunate circumstances put Meredith in a precarious situation, Paolo is determined to remind her that even on vacation, naughty girls get spanked.

Brined by Susannah Shannon

Nothing is hotter than Alaska on the Fourth of July, unless it’s Cass’s bottom if she can’t control her temper. Cass Nelson is showing off her home and her party-throwing prowess in front of a TV crew. As if auditioning for a TV show isn’t pressure enough, her recently separated parents have joined the festivities along with Hazel, her very happily, newly married mother-in- law. Berry shortcakes, breaching killer whales, and more than one kind of fireworks make an appearance, as do the humor and recipes that are always part of a Cass and Killian story.

The Firecracker by Amelia Smarts

Married for less than six months, Anna is easing into her new role as Carter’s wife and Paddy’s mama. Anna wants to please Carter and be a good wife. She certainly doesn’t want to be taken over her husband’s knee for a sound, bare-bottom spanking for disobedience. But her behavior changes when she begins to doubt that Carter loves her as much as he loved his now-deceased first wife, and she decides obedience is not necessarily the best way to respond to her stubborn alpha husband. Tension burns, tempers flare, and a bottom is thoroughly warmed in this short story bursting with passion, persistence and, in the end, a new understanding of the healing power of love.



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