Time for #SatSpanks and More Sunstrokes!

saturdayspankings.blogspot.comHey, friends! It’s time for another round of #satspanks, where we get our weekly dose of sexy, hot action… and boy do we have a hot one for you today!


Have you already gotten your copy of Sunstrokes, the sizzling hot short-story anthology Jane and I put together with Amelia Smarts and Susannah Shannon? Or were you waiting for it to become available on Amazon? If so, you’re in luck! It will be available on Amazon beginning tomorrow, June 12, for just $.99!!


To celebrate, we’re sharing another excerpt from Meredith and Paolo’s story,
“Under the Boardwalk”! Meredith and Paolo are on their flight to Orlando, eager to begin their Florida vacation. Unfortunately, thanks to a tragic accident they’d had years before, Meredith is more than a little bit anxious about flying. Fortunately, Paolo is there to calm her down by providing her with a fantasy so hot and consuming she can’t possibly focus on anything else!



 “First, I order you out of your dress. I am watching you, still dressed in my suit and tie, and I’m angry with you, so my arms are folded across my chest…After I tell you to strip, I remove my belt. I make you keep your eyes on me as the buckle comes undone, and then I pull the leather from the loops of my pants. I double it over in my hand, and move to the bed. I pull your naked body over my knee, straddling me, so your pussy is pressed up against my thigh… With my belt doubled over, I whip your ass, and you beg me to stop. But I remind you that your place is to be a good girl, and naughty girls get spanked. There’s no mercy, until your ass is striped red and I’m convinced you’re sufficiently punished…And that’s when I open the door and bring the other girls in.”

Her eyes flew open and her jaw dropped. “Paolo!”

…He grinned. “It worked. We’re here. Landed. And no worries, baby. You’re about all I can handle.”

Later this week, on June 15th, Sunstrokes will be part of the Scandalous Summer reads campaign, where you can load up your reader with free and cheap books AND have an opportunity to win a $150 Amazon Gift Card!! You will NOT want to miss that, so click the link now for all the details!

That’s it for us today! Be sure to check out all the other #satspanks participants by Clicking  here!

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