WIP it Up Wednesday – His Submissive

Welcome to WIP it Up Wednesday, the blog hop where everyone gets to share a little taste of what they’ve been working on. Today we’re sharing another of our favorite excerpts from His Submissive, the second book in our Boston Doms series, which will be available on Saturday, June 25th! And for this weekend only, His Submissive will be available for a special promotional price!

In this snippet, Hillary has misbehaved in a pretty big way, and Matteo has to punish her!

HisSubmissive COVER

“You’ve earned a strapping, Hillary,” he announced, and she shifted slightly on the bed. “You’ll stay in position as I spank you, and if you get out of position, I’ll strap your sit spot. Do you know where your sit spot is?” he asked.

Her cheek was on the mattress as she whispered, “I think so?”

Placing his hand on her bottom, he trailed his hand down until he reached where her ass met her thighs, the tender spot aptly named “the sit spot” because it was the spot she’d feel tingle or burn every time she sat down. Raising his hand, he delivered a sharp swat to the center of her ass. She inhaled but stayed in position. Lowering his hand, he delivered a swat just as sharp to her sit spot. She yelped and jerked up, with a loud, “Ow!”

“Hurts more there, doesn’t it?” he asked. She nodded, falling back to the bed and assuming her position again.

“Very much so, sir.”

“Do you want to feel my belt there?”

“No, sir! I do not!”

“Then stay in position,” he growled, as he backed away and rolled up his sleeves. She inhaled quietly at the sound of his belt being unfastened.

God, he loved using his belt. The feel of the leather in his hands. The way she squirmed at the sound of him pulling it through the loops on his waist. The sound as it whistled in the air. The sharp crack as it landed…

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