His Submissive – Our favorite quotes countdown #6 and COVER REVEAL!

Happy Monday, everyone!! Jane and I are so excited that we get to start off this week by unveiling the smoking hot cover for our new book, His Submissive, which will be available on Saturday, June 25th!

HisSubmissive COVER

Isn’t it gorgeous?? His Submissive is the second book in the Boston Doms series, and it follows one of our favorite characters from the first book, the tattooed, former-Marine dominant, Matteo.  But it can absolutely be read as a stand-alone, as well.

How about a steamy excerpt to go with this cover?

“Do you see how revealing this is? Hmm?” His right hand traced a line from her throat, across her collarbone, and down. Hillary swallowed.

She frowned. “Matt, I don’t have anything else…I’ve worn this before, lots of times, and I…”

“Do you see how just the slightest touch,” he whispered, his words fanning heat across her sensitive skin, “could make this happen?” He hooked his finger around one spaghetti strap and slid it down her shoulder.  “Do you want this to happen, Hillary?”

Oh. Yes.

Hillary’s breath was choppy and her heart was racing. Her limbs were frozen, not wanting to move an inch lest she should break whatever spell had come over him, but his focus never wavered. With the same slow deliberation, his finger traced back across her chest and gave her other strap the same treatment.

Her dress fell two inches, almost baring her nipples. He swallowed, his gaze transfixed on her breasts.

Hillary purposely took a deep breath as he tugged… and the dress fell to her waist.

“God,” he breathed, echoing her thoughts.

With the same finger, he lightly traced a circle around one hardened nipple and watched it tighten further.

Hillary moaned.

“You’re so perfect,” he told her.

And then he lowered his head…

Phew! Check back tomorrow for another fun excerpt!

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