His Submissive – Our favorite quotes countdown #3

Happy Thursday!! Another day closer to the end of the week and another day closer to the release of His Submissive! Matteo’s story will be going live on Saturday, June 25th and for this weekend only, it will be available at a special promotional price!!

To celebrate, here’s one of our hottest quotes yet!

matteo promo pic 1


“You nervous, babe?” he asked softly. A little nerves would go a long way when he was to punish her, but he didn’t want her to truly fear him.She nodded and swallowed. “Yes, sir,” she whispered.

It felt nice to hear her say that. He closed his eyes briefly, momentarily taken aback by the power of what was happening between them—Hillary standing before him, trusting and prepared to submit, the erotic charge of her submission making him grow hard before he even took her over his knee. She needed this from him. She needed to know he cared enough about her that he would expect her to obey him, that he would take care of her needs and teach her to do as he said. And he realized the taste of her obedience made him want more, her submission satisfying a hunger he couldn’t control.

But he could only meet her needs as her dominant if she obeyed him first.

He continued to hold her hands in his.

“You don’t have to be nervous about this, honey,” he said gently. “If I’m going to be your dom, you’ll have to learn to obey me. But I will never take you further than you need to go.” Tears came to her eyes as she nodded.

He held her eyes for a moment—those pretty eyes were so fetching and vivacious, so trusting. He nodded. Now was the time.

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