His Submissive – Our favorite quotes countdown #2

It’s finally FRIDAY!! And that means that Boston Doms Book 2, His Submissive, will be available TOMORROW, Saturday, June 25th! And for this weekend only, it will be available at a special promotional price!!

matteo promo pic 2

In this snippet, we see that Matteo is not just a hot badass – although he definitely is that! He also knows just how to reassure his girl when she needs him!

“I love how sexy you are, how your body rises to meet mine when you come, and how you trust me to take care of you. I love how selfless you are to everyone around you. I love your quirky sense of humor and the cute way you wrinkle your nose.”

He dipped a finger between her thighs and watched as she inhaled sharply.

“I love the unreserved way you let me touch you. The way your body melts into mine when I climb into bed at night. I love the feel of your sexy little ass pressed up against my crotch.” She giggled, as he continued to tease her. “I love how you eat your pizza crust first, and how you never complain when I take a sip out of your beer before I give it to you. I love that you know how to cook enchiladas, and I never told you, but I’ve read your books, and they’re fucking awesome….”

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