Our new release His Submissive and #satspanks!

We’ve made it to Saturday, and that means it’s time for #satspanks, the blog hop where we get our spanking fix for the week!! But today is EXTRA SPECIAL, because today is also the RELEASE DAY for Boston Doms, Book 2: His Submissive! For just this weekend, His Submissive will be available for a promotional price, as well!!

His submissive promo 8

In this excerpt, Hillary knows she’s bought herself a punishment, and she both wants it… and doesn’t!

Hillary bit her lip. Her breath hitched as she turned herself around on her knees. As she lowered her chest and felt the slick coolness of the sheets against her nipples, her heart began to beat in a crazy rhythm. She dreaded this as much as she craved it. How was it possible to both want something and dread it simultaneously?

She pressed her cheek to the mattress, stretched her arms out in front of her, and heard Matteo inhale sharply behind her.

“That’s right, Hillary. Arch for me. Just like that,” he told her. “Don’t move.” His tone was stern and demanding, but there was a raspy catch in his voice that promised pleasure. She shivered and closed her eyes.

She could hear him moving behind her, and she was curious, but didn’t dare lift her head to look around. Minutes passed. The HVAC system had kicked on, and the soft breeze on her backside made her break out in goosebumps, as every nerve in her body tensed in anticipation, but she was resolved to stay in position as long as it took. She wouldn’t fail him again.

A moment later, he was behind her once more, and his warm, calloused hand roved over the curve of her backside. “That’s my good girl,” he told her, and Hillary felt tears spring to her eyes. It was exactly what she’d needed to hear.


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