“So help me God, Evelyn…” – #WIP it Up Wednesday with the Knave

Welcome to WIP it up Wednesday, the blog hop that cures the mid-week slump with a look at what everyone else has been working on! Today, I’m sharing another excerpt from my upcoming pirate book, tentatively titled The Knave, and I really hope you all like it.

In this scene, Evelyn climbed the rigging for a Very Good Reason (isn’t that always the way??), provoking the pirate captain’s protective instincts… and his desire.

pirate collage
Pirate-writing inspiration

“You could have fallen to the deck and broken your neck. You could have fallen into the water, had the boat pitched just right, and been lost!”

“But I didn’t!” I reminded him, jumping to my feet to glare at him. “I’ve been climbing rigging since I was tiny…. And it’s my neck! I’ll risk it if I choose to!” I yelled.

“Not on my ship, you won’t,” he said, as he stepped even closer.

“I’m not one of your men!” I cried, my hands on my hips. “You cannot order me about!”

“The hell I can’t!” he yelled.

And then he wrapped one enormous hand around my waist, gripping the small of my back, pulled me into him, and kissed me.soaking_pirate_by_iyakoo-d6ymuau


Oh, God.

The shock of it broke through the wall of my anger with the force of a cannonball, eradicating it as though it had never existed, and I was lost to sensation.

His lips were hard, bruising, forcing me to yield. I didn’t hesitate. I parted my lips and his tongue reached out to tangle with mine, stroking over me slowly, as though savoring the taste of me, coaxing me to respond in kind. I hesitantly brushed my tongue against his and he growled, actually growled, low in his throat. The feral sound made my belly flip and my knees tremble, but it didn’t matter, because he was there, supporting me. One of his hands remained at my waist while the other moved up my back to grip the nape of my neck, and he lifted me so that only the very tips of my toes touched the floor, and my breasts pushed against the hard, hot wall of his chest.

I ran my hands up over his arms, reveling in the feel of him, his muscles bunched and corded as he supported me easily. And then I did something I’d wanted to do from the first moment I’d seen him. I tangled my fingers in his wild brown hair.

And the kiss grew hotter.

His fingers knotted in my hair and he pulled me back so that I arched against him. The hand at my waist moved around to my belly and then up… and up…

When the backs of his fingers touched the underside of my breast, I groaned. Every part of me was aflame and I ached with need. I couldn’t seem to get close enough to him. Without conscious thought, I lifted my leg over his, ready to climb him, fitting him against me.

The shock of his hardness against my core made bolts of excitement shoot up my spine. I had no idea what came next, no idea what more he wanted from me, but I gave myself over to him in that moment. Where he led, I would go.

And then suddenly he broke away and I fell back on the bed.

“Enough!” he said angrily. His chest heaved like he’d run a great distance, and his eyes burned into mine, but he held himself still as a statue.

I lifted a shaking hand to my mouth and looked away.

black sails pirate 1My God, what had I done?

This was the Knave. A pirate. A thief. A liar… A cold wash of shame ran up my spine, and I shivered.

“You will stay off the deck of my ship,” he said, icy calm in his voice. “Unless Mr. Ramsay or I give you permission.”

I nodded mutely.

“You will not do anything dangerous!”

Like kissing the captain of a pirate ship?

“And you will stop distracting my crew.”

Was that what this had been? A distraction?

“Or, so help me God, Evelyn, the next time I put my hands on you, your skirt will be over your head and your sweet bottom will be red for a week!”

That’s all for today! Check out the other hop participants here, and we’ll see you next week!

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