*~*Cover reveal*~* Complete Me, #WIP it up Wednesday excerpt!

Hello WIPsters! Today I’m excited to share with you a cover reveal and excerpt from my upcoming release, Complete Me, the last and final installment in the Bound to You trilogy, Meredith and Paolo’s trilogy. Although this is a continuation of Meredith and Paolo’s story that began with Begin Again and Come Back to Me, this can be read as a standalone.

I love this cover!



I think it captures the intimacy, sweetness, but steam of this book.

And now, for an excerpt. Meredith has just had a trying day, and she’s come into their bedroom. She’s found him staring confusedly over a picture, and it struck her as funny. He’s not terribly impressed with her laughing at him. 😉


What’s so funny?” he asked, which caused her to laugh even harder. His eyes twinkled as his tablet fell to his side and he rolled over toward her.

You think I’m funny?” he asked, his voice deepening, and she instinctively pulled away, edging closer to the edge of the bed, still giggling, as he prowled closer and closer.

You look…” she gasped, as he pinned her down, one hand over each of hers, overpowering her as he moved over her, “like…” she giggled, even though her belly was flipping in a sexy-scary way, “a confused little puppy or something!”

His lips twitched, but his eyes narrowed on her. He dipped his head down and the brush of his whiskers on her neck tickled so much she squealed.

A confused little puppy?” he growled. She twisted and turned, trying to get away. “So you think my bark is worse than my bite?” His teeth sank into the ticklish area on her neck, not sharp but not gentle, and she yelped and squirmed, shrieking with laughter but protesting the whole time.

Nooooo, uh uh, I take it back, I take it all back, your bark is definitely, most definitely, not worse than your bite!”

Oh yeah?” he asked, one hand releasing her and torturing her naked waist with a tickle. She screamed, but fighting was fruitless as he was so much stronger than she was. “You take it back do you, brat? No more making fun of the big, scary dom, now that I’ve got you here? Gonna apologize now?”

She was tempted to say no, but she couldn’t take the tickling anymore, and he would keep going for that sensitive spot just above her collarbone that made her squirm.

Okay, okay, I’m sorry!”

I’m sorry what?”

Um. Sir? Paolo?”

He looked down at her neck, eyes still twinkling, but his voice losing the edge and softening. “So soft,” he murmured. “So vulnerable, that area right there. All I have to do is this…” he leaned down and breathed, his hot breath tickling her, making her skin prickle and the nerves stand on end, “and I’ve got you under my control.”

She sobered. “Yes,” she whispered. She wasn’t sure what was going on with him, but he seemed more serious now as he held her, wrists pinned above her head again as his eyes were focused on her neck.

I’d like to put a collar around that neck,” he murmured, all serious now, meditative, “A reminder, in that vibrant place where your lifeblood pulses, that you belong to me. A reminder of your place. And when your pulse beats against it, you’ll know you are mine.”

 Due to be released Wednesday, August 3rd!

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