#WIP it up Wednesday – The Knave makes a point

pirate sea promo picHappy Wednesday! Time for the WIP it up blog hop. What’s everyone been working on this week? I’ve been getting ready to turn 40 AND to release my latest book, a pirate historical tentatively titled The Knave, both of which are happening at the end of this week!

Here’s a fun snippet where The Knave, also known as Marcus, reminds disobedient Evelyn what will happen if she doesn’t mind him…

“You’re to stay in the cabin while I’m gone.”

I fought the urge to roll my eyes. “Yes, Marcus. You already said that and I agreed.”

“You’ll pardon me if your track record for obedience over the past week suggests I need to clarify this point,” he said dryly. “If a freak storm blows in, and you feel the need to check the rigging, you will nevertheless stay here.”

I opened my mouth, and then shut it. “Fine,” I said grudgingly.

Knave inspiration!
Knave inspiration and shameless hot-guy promotion!

He nodded in approval. “And if Porteous shouts that there is a flying dragon on the main deck, you will stay away from the window and stay here.”

I folded my arms over my chest. How ridiculous.

“If King George himself should appear in the harbor and demand that you surrender yourself for the good of your country, you’ll inform him that your primary allegiance lies elsewhere and you will make your curtsy, and you will… stay here.”

I fought the urge to laugh.

“And if,” he began, but I interrupted him.

“Yes, yes! If Gabriel blows his trumpet and announces the judgment day is upon us, I’ll send my regrets and say I’m otherwise engaged and I will stay here. I understand, Marcus,” I told him.

His voice dropped low. “Do I need to clarify what will happen if you’re not here when I get back?”

He tapped his sword belt against his booted calf in a pointed way and I squirmed. “No,” I whispered…

I seriously love this pirate, you guys.

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And I’ve got to add, Jane released Complete Me last week, and it’s absolutely excellent! If you’ve been waiting until the series was finished to get to know Meredith and Paolo, now is your chance! It’s emotional, thought-provoking, and really frickin’ hot!

Hope the rest of your week sails smoothly by!

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