“Not the cat… but the pussy.” – #SatSpanks and a New Release!

thepiratescaptive_fullHappy Saturday!

Today is the going to be the best day ever, peeps. Not only is my new book, The Pirate’s Captive, released, but it’s my 40th birthday TODAY! Adulthood, here I come! (Well… Maybe.)

And what better way to celebrate than with a dose of #SatSpanks? Today I’m sharing one of my favorite scenes from the new book, in which our heroine, Evelyn, gets spanked… with a “pussy.”



“Today, you won’t get my hand. You’ll get the rope.”

I gasped and nearly straightened before I remembered his command. “Not… not the cat!” I pleaded, my eyes on the desk. I’d seen the cat o’nine tails with its knotted ropes bring more than one hardened sailor to his knees.

“Not the cat,” he said, as though he didn’t know whether to be amused or insulted. He rubbed something along my bottom, back and forth. “But the pussy.”

I inhaled sharply.

The “pussy” or the “boy’s cat” was a name for the implement used to punish the younger sailors, those Porteous’s age, who couldn’t handle the lash of the cat o’nine tails. It was generally an end of stout rope that had been dipped in tar to make it hard and inflexible. Not cruel, but capable of packing a mighty wallop.

And yet the way he rubbed it against me made me arch my back and push my bottom against it.

With his free hand, he pulled my shift up, trailing his fingers over my hip to trap the fabric between my body and the desk, exposing me to his gaze…

“Today you’ll count your lashes for me, just like any good sailor would.”

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One thought on ““Not the cat… but the pussy.” – #SatSpanks and a New Release!

  1. I think I just learned something new today. I’d never heard of the pussy before. Although a rope dipped in tar sounds like a very painful implement. Love the snippet though, and congrats on your new release.

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