Upcoming Release — Surrendered on the Frontier


Hello! It’s been a few weeks since we’ve participated in the WIP it up blog post, and it’s good to be back! This week, I’m posting an excerpt from my second historical book, Surrendered on the Frontier. This book is due to release this coming Friday, September 16, and is a standalone sequel to Claimed on the Frontier.

Today, I’d like to share a lengthy excerpt from this upcoming book. I enjoy writing historical immensely, and hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

What’s it about?


Having been forced into marriage at a young age to an abusive, tyrannical husband, Ruth Watson is now widowed. She will submit to no man, and is determined to care for her daughter and herself alone. Though she has befriended the Stanley family, and is secretly attracted to the stern attention of Samuel, she resists his highhanded ways and fights to maintain her independence.

Though Samuel itches to tame headstrong Ruth, he holds himself back out of respect for her abusive background. But when she loses her temper and is riddled with guilt, she finally wonders what it would be like to be taken across his knee. Taking her over his lap for a sound spanking does more than calm her temper, and both are drawn to the passion and intimacy his act of dominance unleashes.

As their relationship grows more intimate, they make choices that affect both of their lives. Will Ruth truly be able to surrender to Samuel? Will Samuel be able to give her what she needs, without dredging up her painful past?


This book is a standalone sequel to Claimed on the Frontier.

And now for a bit of a preview. Samuel and Ruth are in an argument, and Samuel won’t spank Ruth (ahem…yet) but he really wants to. So what’s a man to do?

EXCERPT: cowboy3

“Do you doubt my honesty?” I asked, spinning around to face him. “Or is it that you have no use for woman’s work? You think that the work in the house isn’t as important as the work in the field? You’d do well to remember that I have both the work of a man and woman on this farm!” I’d marched over to him as I spoke, so close to him now my angry exhale ruffled his shirt.

His eyes darkened. “Woman, if you hadn’t been mistreated at the hand of that lowlife husband of yours, do you have any idea what I’d do to you?”

My anger flared into flames of fury. “How dare you threaten me? You’d take a hand to me like he did? You wouldn’t!”

He took a step toward me then—the only step between us—so that now he towered over me and I had to crane my neck to look up at his furious face.

His voice was a low, hissed whisper. “Not like he did. You insult me to even hint at such a thing. But there’s a world of difference between his fist and my palm across your backside. Ruth Watson, though you try my patience, I won’t spank you. But as God is my witness, if you don’t close your mouth, I’ll close it in the only way I can.”

My stomach clenched. I knew I was acting in anger and I knew Samuel was a good man, but I was not immune to the threat of a spanking. I also didn’t know how he meant to close my mouth.

I poked a finger at his chest, though I trembled. I was furious at his ridiculous statement but angrier still at my body that would betray me. For I was somehow set to flames with his warning of a spanking, my belly tingling.

Don’t you ever,” I began, but his large hand wrapped around my smaller one, interrupting my punctuated set-to, pinning my hand behind my back. With his other hand, he grasped my second wrist. My chest heaved with impotent anger and fear, and the room fairly spun with the intensity of my feelings. And before I knew what was happening, his mouth met mine.

I wanted to protest. I wanted to push him away.

I wanted to be stronger than I was.

But I was not. As he kissed me, I moaned. My wrists pinned helplessly behind my back, overcome by the sheer size of the man compared to my tiny frame, I felt consumed by him. His mouth was warm and sensual, surprisingly soft, and in sharp contrast to the whiskers that pricked my lips. I felt the flicker of his tongue in my mouth, and my chest constricted, as he kept his hands firmly on mine. He kissed me until my knees weakened. I’d never been kissed like this before…Arousal flamed in me, licks of fire between my legs and low in my belly, as my body yearned to be touched by him.

I’d been sold into marriage by my father to a man who beat me on our wedding night and took what he wanted. I’d never been touched by a lover before. I longed for Samuel’s touch. I wanted more, as I felt deep within me that somehow his touch would cleanse me. I wanted his hands on my breasts. I wanted him to strip me. I wanted his strong, powerful hands over my bare skin, ravishing me as I relinquished myself to him so that my body no longer remembered the savage assault I’d experienced, but instead the claiming of a real man, a lover.

I knew my thoughts were wanton. I well knew that such desires for an unwed woman were considered sinful. Other than the Stanleys, “polite society” had spurned me when I’d been wed to a man who drank and beat me, so I’d long since discarded any care for societal expectations and morals.

As his mouth pulled away from me, I looked at him in astonishment. I had no words.

His eyes smiled at me. “I have means to quiet that razor-sharp tongue of yours, little Ruth.”

You’re a brute,” I whispered helplessly.

He released my hands and stepped back, one corner of his mouth turning up. “Honey, if you think that was brutal, we could have a talk or two to show you otherwise.”

Coming soon!

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