WIP it up Wednesday — Daddy’s Property (dark western)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the mid-week blog hop where everyone gets to share what they’re working on! This is a fun blog hop, since I love seeing what everyone’s up to!

This week, I’m sharing an excerpt from a book that I just finished drafting. I’m working on editing it now, and I’m eager to share it with all of you!

The working title for this is Daddy’s Property (subject to change). It’s the story of a young woman, Aida Preston, who is kidnapped from her home and held hostage by a band of wild west outlaws. She’s forced to obey the leader of the pack, or suffer the consequences at his hand. Aida is a bit of a spoiled brat, and Cole is up for the challenge of teaching her better manners.


In the following excerpt, Cole’s company has been joined by a rowdy band of criminals, and Aida is having a fit about it. Cole demands complete obedience from her,  and isn’t too pleased with her behavior…



Tell me there’s more than beans and cornbread when we get to town tonight,” Aida mumbled, her lips pursed. She’d endured the raucous meal, as Monty and his gang regaled Cole’s crew with tales of their most recent exploits. Aida was no doubt horrified by their deplorable manners. Cole couldn’t help it, and felt fairly sickened himself. God almighty, who ate with one side of his mouth and chewed tobacco with the other? Disgusting. He was so intent on keeping an eye on Monty and his men that he’d nearly forgotten Aida was there. She’d sat quietly by his side, but as he glanced at her now, he noted the flash of her eyes, the thinned lips, her arms tucked tight against her chest. And damn, if she got any closer to him she’d be sitting in his lap.

Still, she couldn’t be allowed to carry on with such comments. Cole fixed her with a stern look. “Beans and cornbread fill our bellies,” he said in a low voice, so that he wouldn’t be overheard. “And you’ll eat what you’re given without gripin.”

She scoffed, tossing her head. “Where I’m from, we eat a varied diet,” she said, her teeth gritted.

What the hell was she playing at? Did the girl want her backside blistered? He reached for her chin and drew her face to his, tilting her eyes, his fingers grasping firmly enough she winced. He leaned in so he could whisper in her ear. “Where I come from, little girls do as they’re told unless they want to be taken across their Daddy’s lap.” She yanked her chin away from him and looked away. She was pulling this now? He scraped the last of his food with his spoon and ate it quickly, before he stood and handed his bowl and Aida’s to Doc. He took her by the hand and squeezed, pulling her so that she stood close by his side.

Her lips were still pursed, and she continued muttering. “Crick in my neck the size of a goose egg. Filthy men who eat with their mouths open. My dress needs a good scrub, and this coffee is the worst swill I’ve ever downed in my life.” She tried fruitlessly to pull her hand away from his, but he held fast. He’d not abide brats at any time, least of all at a time when her safety was in a precarious position. Cole held tight to her hand and clenched his jaw.

Aida, you mind your tongue,” he ordered..

To his suprise, she finally yanked her hand away from him, planted both hands on her hips, and glared. “No.”

A sudden flash of shock hit him a split second before his instincts kicked in. Didn’t matter what had gotten into the little brat. Didn’t matter who was there, or that they had a schedule to keep. She needed a firm hand. She needed a good, hard spanking to get her head on straight. His gaze flitted to his strap before he turned his head, narrowing his eyes on the thin branches of a nearby birch. The strap would be loud and draw unwanted attention. He needed something that would be quiet and sting enough to make a good, lasting impression.

Doc eyed him wordlessly as he stacked the dirty bowls. Cole tucked Aida by his side, and marched her past the rest of the men. Junior stood with his arms crossed, his eyes focused on Monty in undisguised hatred. At least they’d be able to get by him without raising his goddamn protective instincts of all things feminine. Justice sat close enough to Monty’s crew one would think he was one of them, laughing his fool head off at something one of Monty’s men was saying to him. The sight set Cole’s nerves on edge. It might do well to feign friendship, but he wondered how much Justice was actually feigning. He was not amused by the fact that her behavior was taking him away from what he needed to do here, with his men. She’d get another good round for that.

Let go of my hand,” Aida hissed.

He held her hand harder. “One more word, little girl,” he warned. “One more word and I’ll bare your backside in front of all of them.”

He regretted the words the second they left his mouth, as Cole never made idle threats. But he’d spoken too soon. He didn’t want to bare her in front of the other men, but now that he’d said it, he would follow through, if only because he was a man of his word. Better to teach her he meant what he said than risk her losing the edge of fear she’d been taught in the short time they’d been together. But fortunately, the threat had the desired effect, and she fell into silent but furious step beside him.

“Be back soon,” he muttered to Doc, who merely nodded and continued scraping the dishes clean. Cole felt the eyes of Monty and his crew on his back, but he continued dragging her along with him down to a secluded area, wooded but dimly lit with moonlight.

You’re hurting my hand,” she protested, trying again to pull away.

Darlin’,” he said, his words taut from undisguised anger, “I’m gonna hurt more than your hand.”




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2 thoughts on “WIP it up Wednesday — Daddy’s Property (dark western)

  1. His last line made me chuckle. I can understand his need to make her toe the line, but, unfortunately, she hasn’t gotten the message, yet.



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