Her Outlaw Daddy — WIP it up Wednesday

Morning, WIPsters! I love reading quotes in this blog hop, and it’s so fun when I have one of my own to share with you!

I have my first-ever dark western coming out soon, and I’m excited to share an excerpt with you!

Aida Perkins has lived a life of privilege, until the day Cole and his crew kidnap her from her childhood home, as ransom for what her daddy owes them. Aida is told she is expected to obey the leader of them all….

“I know who you are,” he said. “And you’ll listen to me now without a fight. I’ll tell you exactly what I expect of you, and you’d do well to do as I say, or I’ll take that strap I have hangin’ on the side of my horse, and tan your backside. You understand me, Aida Marie Perkins?” 

The use of her full name and the threat of the strap made her stomach clench. She looked to the saddle of his horse, where a folded piece of sturdy leather did indeed hang, next to a stout riding quirt, ready for use. She wondered why he had it and how often he used it. He eyed her thoughtfully for a minute, his eyes filled with steely conviction. She knew in her gut he would indeed make good on his promise. Glaring at him, she nodded.

“My gripe ain’t with you,” he said, “But with your father. You’re comin’ with us as our captive, ransom against what your daddy owes us. We have a long, dangerous journey ahead of us, and there are rules you’ll be expected to follow. You hear me?”

Aida shifted, still glaring, and refused to answer. His eyes rested on the strap. Noting the silent threat, Aida felt fear claw at her chest for a quick minute. She nodded.

His eyes focused on hers for a moment before he continued. “You’ll do as I say. Everyone in our company obeys me, you and the other four men I have with me. There’s no room for disobedience or disrespect. That means you’ll eat what I feed you, come when I call you, and do what I say. Anything short of complete obedience, and I’ll punish you.” He paused as his words sank in. “Soundly.”

Coming in early December!


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