**Cover reveal**

Time for a cover reveal! Look what’s coming this Friday, December 9, in just two days??



My first dark western, laced with a delicious #capturefantasy and stern #daddydom, this is a fast-paced read packed with action, hot enough to melt your Kindle. I’ll warn you, readers — this one is dark, and not for everyone.

How about a little excerpt?

“You’ll do as I say. Everyone in our company obeys me, you and the other four men I have with me. There’s no room for disobedience or disrespect. That means you’ll eat what I feed you, come when I call you, and do what I say. Anything short of complete obedience, and I’ll punish you.” He paused as his words sank in. “Soundly.” His eyes darkened. “And I’ll expect you to treat me with respect. Understood?”

She glared at him, hatred a live, pulsing heat between them. Her words were a low hiss. He could whip her, he could tie her up, he could make her obey, but she’d let him kill her before she’d ever give him respect.

Though her mouth was dry, she used up what she had left as she spat again on the ground with vehemence. “You filthy scoundrel!”

He watched her through eyes so narrow they were no more than slits before he shifted up and drew even closer to her, while she cursed furiously. Though her heart thundered in her chest, she still did not regret refusing to submit. He reached a hand to where her long, wavy blonde hair hung loose about her face, grabbed a fistful, and yanked so hard she felt the piercing pain along her scalp and spine. She cried out involuntarily as his mouth came to her ear.

“I gave you a choice, little girl, and I gave you one chance to do this the easy way. I’ll have you know it’ll be my immense pleasure to whip your gorgeous backside raw while you scream for mercy. Darlin’, you just gave me exactly what I came for.”



Her Outlaw Daddy…live in two days!



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