WIP it up Wednesday — upcoming barbarian

Welcome to this week’s rendition of “WIP it up Wednesday,” the blog hop where we get a sneak peak into seeing what everyone’s working on! Today, I’m sharing a snippet from my upcoming dystopian sci-fi. I am fondly calling this “my barbarian,” but the working title is The Warrior King (that will most certainly change but I’m still working it). This is the book whose hero is modeled after the uber-stern Khal Drogo.



Carina, mate to the Warrior King, is subject to punishment when she defies the king’s commands. Here is a lengthy excerpt from an aftercare scene that shows even barbarians can have a soft side.


“I hold her until she stills, her tears finally slowing. She does not tell me what is on her heart, but I can feel it, sense it. I know she is mourning the loss of her home planet, but there is more. I am not sure yet what it is, but she clings to me upon my chest, an almost desperate holding on…

After a moment of silence, she asks, “Will those men really hang because of me?”

I frown. It is an honest question, but it angers me to be reminded of their filthy hands on her. Vengeance still flares within me. It is only out of deference to her wishes that they do not lie now, heaped in shallow graves.

“They will,” I state. “They laid hands on the king’s woman. They stole what did not belong to them.”

“It is a harsh penalty,” she says. Her reaction puzzles me.

“You think it harsh, little one? You come from a land that ends the life of humans past their prime, and infants who bear marks of imperfection. And you think it harsh that in this land, those who choose defy the law are accordingly punished? We are no more savage than those on Freanoss. The only difference is that here, people have the choice. Those men chose poorly.”

She lifts her tear-stained face to mine. “You speak lies,” she whispers.

She is brave to accuse me of such when I have just striped her soundly for disobedience. I am well within my rights to punish her again for such an accusation, but I will not. Her words need further probing. I am surprised for a moment that she accuses me of lying. Is she not aware of the ways of her people?

“I do not,” I say to her. “I wish to find what your thoughts are on the ways of your people. And you will tell me why you have come here. But I must meet with my counsel shortly, and news I have received today makes the meeting imperative.”

Her eyes look troubled and her lip trembles. “You must leave me?” she asks. The minute the words leave her mouth, she casts her eyes down. She seems as if she regrets speaking so frankly, but it is clear my little one does not wish for us to be separated.

I kiss her forehead again, this time threading my fingers through her hair and resting them on her neck as I do so. “Would you prefer I not meet with my men?” I ask.

She is quiet and does not respond, a little finger tracing along the dark, curly hair on my chest. “It is strange, how you have hair on your chest,” she says.

I stifle a chuckle. It is endearing how she’s changed the subject, but she must learn to answer me when I ask her a question.

“Carina,” I warn. Her eyes widen as she looks up at my tone. I tug a lock of hair.

“Yes?” she whispers.

“Answer the question. Do you wish me to stay with you?”

She closes her eyes briefly, biting her lip. She does not speak, but nods.

Though I wish to have her near, and also wish to be present at the counsel, it occurs to me that much of what I need to learn I’ve already learned at this morning’s gathering. I have an option that may work in our favor.

“If you wish me to stay, then it will be so,” I say softly, bringing the hand that lay on my chest to my lips, and kissing her fingers. “I will give the orders necessary so that I may be informed, but I shall stay with you. Yes,” I say, sure now that my decision is the right one. “I shall stay with you.”

She pushes herself up from my chest and her eyes, bright from crying, and her cheeks flushed. My desire for her grows with every second that passes with her skin against mine, with her complete and utter submission to me, dependent on me to take care of her. I pull her closer, crushing her mouth in a heated kiss. I hold her neck in my hand as my mouth explores hers, the sweet, vulnerable, softness of her lips pressed against mine. I feel her naked body pushing against me, her hips grinding as my hands finds her breasts. I groan from the perfect feel of her satiny skin, her nipples pebbling with each stroke of my thumbs. Her desire is mounting as I kiss her, little mews and gasps as my hands rove her body.

I push up, gently moving her so that she is now on the bed and I am over her, she pinned beneath me. I brace myself with one hand as the other cups her breast. I take my mouth from hers with a moan of regret as my lips travel down her naked skin, past the flushed skin just under her neck. My tongue laps at her collarbone. She moans, her hips rising, as my mouth travels lower still to her nipple. I flick out my tongue, taking her nipple in my mouth, sucking. Her head drops back, her mouth open as she moans and writhes.

“Ohhhh,” she sighs, as I continue to tease her breasts with my tongue, but move one hand between her legs. Her hips push together, effectively barring me from touching her.

I lift my hand and spank her thigh, a sharp swat. “You will not prevent me from touching what is mine,” I growl, pushing my hand between her legs again, spreading her thighs apart.

“My…my lord…” she stammers, her thighs still closed together. She is stubborn, tenacious, willful. I thrill at the challenge to tame her.

“Open your legs. You do as I say or I shall take you across my knee a second time. Do not try me, Carina.”

Her eyes closed shut, biting her lip, she slowly spreads her legs apart. I inhale deeply, intoxicated by the scent of her. It is not merely fear I smell but all of her, the sweetness, the sultry, the arousal…”


Look for this upcoming release as early as mid-February! Stay tuned for the final release date.


Looking for other tantalizing excerpts? Look no further! Below is the link to the other snippets. I’m having some tech issues getting it to work, but you can find today’s excerpts on this post!



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