Aldric is LIVE!!

Jane’s latest sci-fi is now live on Amazon! If you haven’t read Aldric: A Sci-Fi Warrior Romance yet, what in the world are you waiting for? lol. Do yourself a favor and one-click Aldric and his Carina right NOW!

Want to know more about the book? Check out exciting excerpts here and here, and read the blurb below!



He is a barbarian. A savage. I came to his world as a spy… and I was caught. Alone and defenseless, my fate is in his hands. He captured me, punished me, and claimed me as his mate.

I promised myself that I would never yield, that I would resist and escape, but as he trains me to serve him I begin to wonder if one day I will gladly call him my master.

When I saw the little one in our midst, I was drawn to her beauty. She broke our laws and must pay the price, but I will let no harm come to her. She will belong to me, mine to enjoy as I please, and soon she will know the pleasure of surrendering to a warrior’s mastery of her body.

She is headstrong and defiant, but it will be my privilege and honor to tame her.

Publisher’s Note: Aldric: A Sci-Fi Warrior Romance includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

One thought on “Aldric is LIVE!!

  1. As a fan of Jane Henry’s Frontier Series, I looked forward to her foray into Sci-Fi spanking romance. And I was not disappointed. Moreover, if you are a fan of dominant Alpha heroes and their mates, you will not be either. Our unprepared heroine, R-482, is attempting to spy on ‘barbaric’ enemy world of Avalere. Before she knows what is happening, she is swept up in a crowd of women offering themselves to the warriors. Aldric, Warrior King of Avalere, sees her and prevents her escape from the group with “a hard slap to [her] scantily clad bottom”. Her ensuing actions cause Aldric to claim her as his mate as he must properly chastise her. All of this in the first pages. Aldric is determined to train R-482 (who he renames Carina) to obey and his methods include plenty of bare bottom spankings, the richness of Avalerian life and teasing seductive lovemaking.


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