Hero Undercover – An Excerpt from Slave for a Day!

Here’s an excerpt from Slave for a Day: An Idan and Svali Novella, Jane’s HOT addition to the Hero Undercover anthology! This story features characters from her sci-fi warrior romance, Idan!

“You said you must infiltrate the inner circle of Vortrian?” she asks. “Then you must play the part.” I look down, wide-eyed, at my ensemble. My breasts nearly spill out of the top of my slim-fitting top, the skirt I wear so short it barely covers my backside. My hair that once was golden brown hangs in straight, silky black sheets down to my waist. I start when Idan gives a tug to the chain that attaches to my neck.

“Idan!” I gasp.

He merely grins.

“Be careful,” warns the enchantress, her eyes wicked as she lifts a shoulder to shrug. “You are not the only one outfitted for the inner sanctum.” She nods toward Idan’s hand. He lifts it in astonishment, his eyes wide and his mouth opened. In his hand he holds a stout, black riding whip. He gives it a flick in the air, and I jump.

He smiles at me. “Be careful is right,” he says, fastening the whip on his waist. “I may be tempted to try this out.”

I glare at him, but he narrows his eyes, shakes his head, and taps the whip at his waist. My mouth drops open.

“Does she really have to be dressed like this?” Idan asks, frowning. I smile. He does not like other men looking at me.
“Oh yes,” the enchantress says. “You will have to pretend to be one of the many inner circle members who attend his parties. It is the only way.”

He scowls.

“It is true,” Shaan says. “They all dress like that, and most share their women.”

The heathens! “I will not share,” Idan growls. I barely stifle a chuckle.

The enchantress is not finished. She presses a small flask into his palm. “This is a sleeping potion that will alter the recipient’s memory. Use it only if necessary, and use it with caution.” Idan nods. We follow Shaan out of the enchantress’s house, and start walking together toward the dark mines that lay ahead. Shaan will pretend to be a servant who is returning home, escorting us to the inner sanctum where Vortrian’s guests meet. With enough persuading, we might even get past the guards who surround the mines. Loud bangs echo in the darkness as we draw closer. My heartbeat accelerates, my nerves rising. My hand in Idan’s tightens.

He pulls me to him. “Relax, Svali,” he whispers in my ear. Though his disguise tricks me, his voice is the same, and at his command, I feel my nerves calm. My shaking stills, as he leans in closer. “Keep your eyes on me, do as I say, and you will be fine.”

“Yes, my lord,” I whisper. Suddenly, calling him ‘my lord’ with his metal cuffs around my wrists, his collar about my neck, and the clang of the metal links that bind me, strikes me all at once. I focus on the chafing of the metal against my skin. With a mere tug of his wrist, Idan pulls me closer to him. My heartbeat skips, and my belly clenches.

I am completely at his mercy.

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