Hero Undercover – An excerpt from Uncharted Waters!

Here’s an excerpt from Maisy’s contribution to the Hero Undercover anthology, Uncharted Waters, a contemporary novella featuring some of your favorite characters from The Boston Doms series!!

She was his now. His to punish, his to protect, his to worship. And he didn’t want to waste another second in proving to her exactly how thoroughly he would possess her, mind, soul, and body.

“Stand up,” he said gruffly, watching the way she swallowed hard before nimbly jumping off the bed and standing in front of him. Her hair was disheveled, her cheeks were flushed, and he loved how rumpled and turned on she looked. He’d make sure she stayed that way for the rest of the cruise.

“When I give you an instruction, baby, I want you to answer me. You tell me, ‘Yes, sir.’”

She seemed to hold her breath, staring at him for a heartbeat, before obediently whispering, “Yes, sir.”

“Take your dress off for me.” He deliberately let his voice go deep and raspy, and her eyes widened even further.

She hesitated only a moment, just long enough for him to see the flare of excitement in her eyes, before she complied.

“Yes, sir,” she repeated, shimmying until the dress pooled at her feet and she could kick it aside, along with her sandals.

She stood before him in nothing but a bikini. Her skin glowed pale gold in the sunlight streaming through the balcony door, and his eyes tracked languid pathways up and down her exposed skin. He saw her shiver, watched her nipples harden beneath his gaze, and felt his cock thicken against his thigh.

Christ, she was perfect.

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