Her Outlaw Daddy

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As the daughter of a well-to-do politician, Aida Perkins is accustomed to living in relative luxury, but everything changes the night she is carried off by Cole Clemens and his gang. The gruff, handsome outlaw makes it clear that she will be held for ransom until her father repays the debt he owes, and until then absolute obedience and total submission will be demanded of Aida.

When she puts him to the test, Aida quickly finds herself over Cole’s lap with her bottom bare for a thorough, humiliating spanking, and to make matters worse he informs her that from now on she will be expected to call him Daddy. Though the painful, embarrassing punishment infuriates Aida, her body betrays her and Cole’s stern chastisement arouses her deeply.

Determined to master Aida completely, Cole sets out to teach her what it means to surrender fully to a dominant man, and when he takes her long and hard she is left begging for more. Aida cannot help her growing passion for her firm-handed captor, but it is only when she learns the real reason for her kidnapping that she truly understands the danger she and her new daddy face. Will Cole be able to keep his little girl safe from both her enemies and his own?

Publisher’s Note: Her Outlaw Daddy includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Insanely sexy. ~Natasha Knight, USA Today bestselling author

Cole is a smokin’ hot outlaw; mean, moody and menacing, with a firm hand and a sharp tongue. If you enjoy dominant, alpha men who are not afraid to show their mettle, you MUST read this book. This is erotic romance at its very best! #1 bestselling author Felicity Brandon

Dark, dangerous and delicious. Throughout their journey’s twists and turns–and trips over her dominant captor’s knee–Aida must decide if her kidnapper is a man to fear…or the dark daddy she needs. ~ Lee Savino, USA Today bestselling author

A dark western by Jane Henry? Yes, please. Cole is a dark hero that is so so wrong, but so so right. 5 star read for sure! ~Alta Hensley, USA Today bestselling author

In this dark western, Jane Henry handles the complexity of the hero’s character expertly..a true anti-hero but you find yourself liking him regardless. The author keeps the pages turning with action-packed scenes and smoking-hot sex. Throw in some dirty daddy talk and spankings and you’ve got Her Outlaw Daddy. ~#1 bestselling author Amelia Smarts

Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble