His Submissive

HisSubmissive COVERBoston Doms – Book 2

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Matteo Angelico, former Marine and experienced, long-term dominant, knows what he likes—sexy, submissive women who do what they’re told and are willing and able to give him the control he craves. But he also knows what he doesn’t like—the demands of a full-time dynamic and a committed
relationship. He’s happy to leave the flowery romance to his twin brother Dominic, and Dom’s fiancée, Heidi. So why can’t he get the one girl who wants it all out of his head?

Hillary Morrow has learned all too well that D/s relationships don’t always have fairy tale endings—the last dominant she met online betrayed her trust in every possible way. But that hasn’t stopped her from giving her heart away to the most commitment-phobic dominant in Boston, Matteo Angelico. When Matteo offers to give her the accountability and discipline she needs, she eagerly accepts, even when she finds herself taken across his knee.

As Hillary and Matteo’s siblings plan their wedding, the two of them find themselves in frustratingly romantic scenarios, but still manage to maintain a semblance of distance. However, when Hillary finds herself the target of a stalker, she and Matteo are thrown together and sparks fly. Hillary trusts Matteo to keep her safe from the stalker… but who will protect Hillary’s heart from Matteo?

Disclaimer: This book contains the spanking of adult women and sexual scenes.