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Megan Michaels has a new book out, brand spanking new, the third in her Desiring the Forbidden Series!



Thank you Jane & Maisy for having me on today with Carnal Indulgence. Libby isn’t used to having a Daddy, and being fifteen years older than Daddy Maddox adds to her confusion. In this excerpt Libby’s Daddy sets some clear boundaries for his sub and babygirl. His woman.


Rising up on his elbows, still on top of her, he said, “Now, time for a serious talk.”

Her throat visibly worked as she swallowed, her eyes searching his face. “Okay.”

You need to keep your mouth and actions in check, not just today, but for the rest of the week. I’ll paddle your little ass every night if I have to. Clear?”

Yes, Daddy.” Her ass shifted under him; he had no doubt clenching at the mere mention of the hard, unforgiving paddle.

I know my mother is difficult, trust me, but my father and I can handle her. Your only job is to listen to me and believe me. You’re to come to me with any problems or difficulties. You will not wait until they’re out of hand. Understand?”

But I know how to handle things myself. I lived a long time without a Daddy, you know.” Her eyebrows furrowed, her lips thinned.

He grabbed her chin, lowering his voice. “You have a Daddy now. You’re no longer required to handle things on your own; that’s my job. If you need a quick lesson on this, I’m sure I can find time to paddle your ass before they get here. Is that what we’re doing next?”

Libby shook her head vigorously. “N-no. No, Daddy. I’ll come to you. I promise.”

You know what to expect if you don’t, right?” He let go of her chin, reaching over to the nightstand to grab the ever-ready paddle.

Y-yes, Sir.” She stared at the wooden paddle with wide eyes as if it may bite her.

He nodded at her, tossing it back to the dresser, returning his unyielding gaze back at her. “Keep it in mind. Always.”

Yes, Daddy.”

Maddox leaned in kissing her lips gently. “I just don’t want you getting upset unnecessarily. I’m here to make things easier for you, babygirl.” He climbed off her, undoing her hand and ankle cuffs. “Let’s get up and get ready for them. It’s almost time.”

They quietly dressed, each in their thoughts, calm and sated. He looked over just as Libby was pulling her dress pants up her legs. He grabbed her by the arm, tucking her under his own and against his hip, slapping her bottom covered by the barely there white, nylon panties. “Maybe a little sting to this bottom will help keep you focused. And you do not bark out orders to me—no matter how stressed you are. Understand.”

Libby squealed, her feet stomping on the floor doing the spanking dance. “Yes, Daddy. Ow.”

The quickly turning red skin could be seen through the gauzy material, his cock twitched. “You’ll be Daddy’s good girl?”

Yes, Daddy.” Her feet still pounded the floor.

He stopped, standing her up, her pants puddle on the floor under her feet, having come off during her little dance. “Does your backside sting, young lady?”

Yes, Sir.”

Good. I have more where that came from, but I think this may be enough for you today. Mmm?”

She nodded quickly. “Yes, Daddy.”

He slapped her ass one more time—hard—for good measure. “Now you go down and finish filling the dishwasher since you had such an attitude about it.”

Yes, Daddy.” She buttoned up her pants, walking out of the room. He smiled to himself when she rubbed her poor spanked backside before taking the steps downstairs. God, he loved this woman. His woman.


For Elizabeth, being forty-one years old, two years past a divorce, and single had been depressing enough. But finding someone who could give her what she needed made her prospects even worse. The chances of landing a man with the courage to force her to confront her deepest, darkest fantasies of deep submission and strict discipline were about as likely as winning the lottery. Twice.

Until the day she’d met her enigmatic young English professor, Maddox.

Dr. Maddox Parks was used to meeting women — a lot of women — as part of his job. As a professor only a few years older than many of his students, he’d had to contend with more than one proposition from a nubile young college student — and it wasn’t always an unspoken exchange for a good grade either. He preferred older women though, and always had, so coolly rebuffing those clumsy advances was easy. Despite the steady stream of come-ons, and flirtations, he’d begun to despair he’d ever meet the type of woman he really wanted — and needed.

That had all changed the moment the curvy, dark-haired Elizabeth sauntered into his classroom.

Maddox thought he’d convinced Elizabeth to embrace the fact he was fifteen years younger than her. He’d even seduced her into enjoying — and thriving in — his ageplay tinged D/s dynamic. But those had been the easy parts. Now, four years after they’d first met, they were planning a wedding.

Something had changed with their engagement though — and not in a good way. Was it simply Elizabeth having cold feet about their impending nuptials, or was it a much deeper problem? Perhaps it was the delicious irony of a forty-five year old woman playing the “little” to a thirty year old Dom? The big event was going to be much more than a mere wedding though, the silver collar in his dresser drawer just waiting to be placed in its rightful place around Elizabeth’s neck. Could that be the issue?

There was one thing he was certain of however: his controlling, difficult mother was going to be a problem…

Publisher’s Warning: Intended for mature readers. 18 and over only!

This contemporary BDSM erotic romance contains spanking, exhibitionism, humiliation, explicit sexual activity, and an older woman who finds it’s never too late to surrender to the love — and strict control — of an alpha male who knows exactly what she needs. This book can be read as a standalone. Enjoyment of the novel will be enhanced by reading the previous entries in the series, but it’s not necessary.



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